Clean Energy (Live!)

What’s the holdup with energy utilities transitioning from coal-fired power to clean energy?

This episode brings together diverse energy experts, to provide first-hand insights into the issues faced by energy utilities and the initiatives that aim to address those issues, in order to reduce household energy costs and carbon emissions.

Much of the discussion centres around the new RACE (Reliable, Affordable, Clean Energy) for 2030 research centre, which aims to reduce carbon emissions in Australia by 20 mega tonnes by 2030.

This episode is an edited version of a panel recorded as part of Curtin University’s annual Research Rumble event, which showcases university research and innovation. Professor Greg Morrison, who appeared in The Future Of’sClimate Action episode, acts as guest moderator. 

  • What work is RACE doing? [00:58]
  • Why are the panel working towards a decentralised renewable energy system?
  • Tracy Deveugle-Frink’s response [05:04]
  • David Edwards’s response [05:32]
  • Brian Innes’s response [06:01]
  • Rod Hayes’s response [06:37]
  • Research opportunities and challenges 
  • Western Power and managing the energy transition [07:08]
  • Horizon Power and isolated energy networks [09:11]
  • Distribution Energy Resources [10:01]
  • Costs and risks of energy resources [10:46]
  • Ramifications of flex services [14:37]

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Professor Greg Morrison is the RACE for Everyone Program Leader anda Professor of Sustainability within the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP).

He has been involved with the European Union’s Climate-KIC to mobilise cities to implement climate resilient solutions. He has also initiated and run several large-scale societal infrastructure projects in Western Australia that have focused on clean energy, including a two-year trial in Fremantle that saw households share their excess solar energy.

Jonathan Jutsen is the CEO of RACE for 2030. Previously, he was the CEO for the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity and a member of the New South Wales Climate Council. 

Tracy Deveugle-Frink is the Head of Change and Innovation at Western Power, WA’s government-owned energy operator that provides electricity to the Perth metropolitan area and the South West. She has experience in innovation and entrepreneurship consulting. 

David Edwards is the Digital Strategy and Innovation Manager at Horizon Power, WA’s government-owned energy operator that provides electricity to residents and businesses in regional and remote areas. He has a background in engineering and energy transformation.

Brian Innes is the Founder and Technical Director of Starling Energy Group, an energy asset management company based in WA. Innes helped set up Starling’s Plico Energy Project, a Virtual Power Plant network of solar panels and power systems located in WA’s South West region. He has experience advising about renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Rod Hayes is the Group Chairman of the Balance Services Group, a Perth-based company that aims to deliver robust energy solutions in regional areas. He is also an Associate Adjunct Professor at CUSP. Hayes has experience managing in the energy and water industries. 

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