Breast Cancer Treatment | A. Prof Pieter Eichhorn

From chemotherapy to immunotherapy and targeted drug delivery, what’s next for breast cancer treatment? 

In this episode, Jessica is joined by cancer research expert Associate Professor Pieter Eichhorn, who is co-leading an Australian Government subsidised drug delivery project that aims to change the behaviours of proteins found in breast cancer. 

Together, they discuss what conventional treatments exist and where they’re going, Associate Professor Eichhorn’s exciting new drug treatment, and what he believes needs to change to drastically reduce the rates of breast cancer going into the future.

Associate Professor Eichhorn’s research project is supported by the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute and the National Drug Discovery Centre at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.

How breast cancer develops [01:15]

Predicting future rates of breast cancer [04:26]

Progress in conventional treatments [07:56]

What’s unique about the drug delivery project? [13:27]

Associate Professor Eichhorn’s research journey [17:34]

Reducing rates of cancer through tumour sequencing [19:45] 

Content note: This episode predominantly covers the experiences of women who are cisgender. Cisgender women are those women whose sense of their gender matches the sex they were assigned at birth and who are the population group at greatest risk of contracting breast cancer.

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Connect with our guest

Pieter Eichhorn is the Dean of Research Infrastructure at Curtin University, and an Associate Professor at the world-renowned Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute.

He has devoted his career to developing targeted treatments for breast cancer and melanoma patients. Prior to Curtin, he has worked at a variety of prestigious institutes including Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore and the Netherlands Cancer Institute. 

Associate Professor Eichhorn’s staff profile

Associate Professor Eichhorn’s LinkedIn profile

Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute website

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