Brain Trauma and Sports | Dr Sarah Hellewell

Traumatic brain injuries are becoming more widely discussed, with more sports stars revealing their health issues after repeated episodes of concussion. But what about the lesser injuries, which cumulatively may have a profound effect on the brain? In this episode, host Sarah Taillier chatted with Dr Sarah Hellewell, a leading international expert in the area of traumatic brain injury who is based at the Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science at Curtin University. They discussed the causes of brain trauma from sports, as well as the effects of COVID-19 on the brain, and progress on new treatments to lessen or reverse brain damage.

What do we know about the link between sports and brain trauma? [01:21]

Symptoms of sports related concussions [07:06]

The relationship between COVID-19 and brain damage [11:54]

When to reach out to a doctor following a hit to the head [20:19]

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Dr Sarah Hellewell, Research Fellow

Dr Sarah Hellewell is a neurotrauma Research Fellow at the Perron Institute and a leading international expert in traumatic brain injuries. She is developing and applying new tools to examine changes in brain structure and function after injury from the whole brain to an individual cell level. Among other topics, she has contributed to research articles on sport-related concussion and brain injury from domestic violence.


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