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The Future Of

The Future Of

The Future Of, a podcast powered by Curtin University, where experts share their vision of the future and how their work is helping shape it for the better.

Gut Health | Dr Hani Al Salami & Dr Armin Mooranian

The Future Of, Ep 126 | 30:6

Imagine we could harness the power of good gut bacteria from healthy people to fight off stubborn gut infections in others. That's exactly what we're exploring today with a game-changing, and rather icky approach to gut health: faecal transplant capsules.

Multiple Sclerosis | Dr Virginie Lam

The Future Of, Ep 125 | 20:39

Can MS be slowed down or even reversed? Find out on this week’s episode of #TheFutureOf

Equity In Education | Prof Ian Li

The Future Of, Ep 124 | 25:15

How do we overcome barriers to education in Australia? Find out on this episode of #TheFutureOf

Ecological Restoration | Prof Kingsley Dixon

The Future Of, Ep 123 | 39:16

How did a simple molecule found in smoke change the way we regenerate native plants? Find out in this episode of #TheFutureOf

Korean Wave | A. Prof Jo Elfving-Hwang

The Future Of, Ep 122 | 48:0

How did K-Pop transform South Korea into a global cultural powerhouse? Find out in this episode of #TheFutureOf.

Marine Biodiversity | Prof Fred Wells & Prof Monique Gagnon

The Future Of, Ep 121 | 25:28

Discover how ‘fish fingerprints’ are playing a key role in oil spills, and the impact of rising sea temperatures on marine life.

Creativity and Generative AI | A. Prof Rachel Robertson & A. Prof Susanna Castleden

The Future Of, Ep 120 | 43:44

With the rapid rise of generative AI, what does this mean for the human side of creativity, art and culture?

Energy Transition | Prof Petra Tschakert & Prof Peta Ashworth

The Future Of, Ep 119 | 52:7

While the scientific efforts to move to a greener world ramp up, what are the potential benefits of a more human-centred approach to the energy transition?

Mountain Biking | Paul Braybrook & Rod Annear

The Future Of, Ep 118 | 40:28

Riding a wave of renewed popularity, how is mountain biking shaping up as a sport and family adventure?

Echidnas | Dr Christine Cooper

The Future Of, Ep 117 | 26:36

As one of the world’s rarest mammals, the iconic echidna has developed surprising ways to adapt to a warming climate.

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