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The Future Of

The Manosphere | Dr Ben Rich and Dr Francis Russell

The Future Of, Ep 108 | 42:50

What is ‘the manosphere’, what has it got to do with masculinity, and why are high school teachers concerned by teenage boys’ attraction to it?

TikTok | Prof Crystal Abidin

The Future Of, Ep 107 | 30:31

Whether you love it, hate it, don’t get it or your grandma’s trending on it, TikTok is a cultural phenomenon. But how did it become so popular and should we be worried by its reach?

Mining Culture | Prof Sharon Parker & Dr Patricia Todd

The Future Of, Ep 106 | 29:20

Western Australia's mining sector is the lifeblood of the state, but it's not without scrutiny. Learn how the industry is using research to undergo a cultural revolution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its workers.

Moon Travel | Prof Phil Bland & Prof Gretchen Benedix

The Future Of, Ep 105 | 37:28

The moon is a treasure trove of science that holds opportunities for making discoveries about Earth and our Solar System. Now, through NASA’s Artemis program, we are about to go there …

Black Cockatoos | A. Prof Bill Bateman & Jane Hammond

The Future Of, Ep 104 | 30:1

Is it too late to save our iconic black cockatoos, or is there still time to act and protect these majestic birds?

Alzheimer's | Prof John Mamo & Dr Virginie Lam

The Future Of, Ep 103 | 38:36

Curtin researchers are trialling a medication that could help preserve the cognitive function of people with Alzheimer’s.

Grief | Prof Lauren Breen and Shelly Skinner

The Future Of, Ep 102 | 35:26

Why are grief and dying such taboo topics in many societies, particularly if they involve children? And what is ‘grief literacy’?

Twitter | Prof Tama Leaver

The Future Of, Ep 101 | 23:23

Will Twitter ever be the same since Elon Musk’s takeover? And what impact will his changes have on users, free speech and (dis)information?

Research | Prof Chris Moran & Prof Fran Ackermann

The Future Of, Ep 100 | 36:44

Universities have been the main sites of knowledge discovery since the Late Middle Ages. Six hundred years on, will the role of the university as society’s primary source of new knowledge be eroded by government and industry agendas?

Green Hydrogen (Re Release) | Prof Craig Buckley

The Future Of, Ep 99 | 25:6

Is green hydrogen the key to a carbon-free energy future?

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