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Have you met the Curtin Safer Community Team?

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The Curtin Safer Community Team makes sure Curtin remains a safe and friendly place. The team provides 24-hour support service, every day of the year, and is available to all Curtin students and staff.

The Safer Community Team is highly trained to help with all personal safety issues, including instances of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Once contacted, the team will respond immediately to make sure you are safe, offer you ongoing support, and in instances where it may be appropriate, assist you to make a formal report to the University or police if you choose. If you have experienced any form of assault or harassment, even if it occurred in the past and/or did not occur on a Curtin campus, the team can still assist to ensure your ongoing safety and wellbeing.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need immediate assistance, need to report an incident of assault or harassment, see something that shouldn’t be happening, or feel unsafe, the Safer Community Team can help.

If you’re studying with us at our Bentley, Kalgoorlie or Perth City campuses, or are studying with us online, contact the Safer Community Team:

If you’re studying with us at our Singapore Campus, contact the Safer Community Team hotline +65 6593 8004.

If you’re studying with us at our Malaysia Campus, contact the Emergency Response Team +60 85 443 930 or +60 85 443 999.

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