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Year 12 tops Curtin student experience ‘Excelerate’ program

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Winthrop resident, Peng Tiong was recently awarded the Jim Ellis Medal which is presented to the best graduating student from Curtin University’s Information Systems (IS) Excelerate Program.

The program was developed to meet high industry demand and offers exceptional Year 12 students the opportunity to participate in an industry-based program and gain a better understanding of IS principles.

Peng, an All Saints College student, said participating in the program was a fantastic learning experience and is thrilled to gain recognition for all the hard work he invested in it.

“I came in thinking I knew a lot but I learned even more about the management side of IS and it was really inspiring and interesting,” Peng said.

“There were so many enjoyable aspects of the program, and it was very interesting to look at some things I’d already learnt through other studies in more detail.”

The technology and video games buff is currently studying five WACE subjects and decided to tackle the challenge of the Curtin IS Excelerate Program at the start of the first school term.

“Year 12 has quite a heavy study load but I’m glad that I decided to participate in the IS program as it has been a wonderful opportunity for me to meet industry professionals,” Peng said.

“The Excelerate program also gave me a glimpse into university life, and having gone through the program will certainly make going to university next year a much less daunting task.”

Peng said he’s been interested in technology from a very young age and urged more students to consider studying information systems and technology.

“I have been captivated by technology even before I spoke English. I learnt using computer-based programs, for example leap frog programs, and I developed a great enthusiasm for computers,” Peng said.

“I have completed many courses in computer science. I find coupling business and IT make life much more interesting, productive and diverse. The possibilities are endless and that captivates me.”

The program requires students to attend a three-hour seminar one night a week. Those who successfully complete the unit receive 25 credit points when they enrol at Curtin in the first year of study towards a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

To be eligible for the program students must have at least a ‘B’ average in Year 11 information systems, information technology or computing-based subjects.

For more information on the Curtin Business School Information Systems Excelerate Program please call Karen Clarke on 08 9266 4489 or email her at

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