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The call of a new career

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18 August 2008

Former national rower Annika Naughton has hung up her oars to embark on a new career as a physiotherapist by enrolling in Curtin University of Technology’s Graduate Entry Master of Physiotherapy course.

After five years on the Australian rowing team and having worked on mine sites as well as in the city, Annika is now looking forward to the new challenge of a full-time career in physiotherapy.

“I could not have asked for a better opportunity to start on a new career path,” Annika said.

“Curtin’s Graduate Entry Master of Physiotherapy course allows me to take full advantage of my first degree in Exercise Science to enter a fast track learning experience toward a qualification in another discipline.”

Annika is not new to the hard work and commitment needed to successfully embark on a new career path.

“When I was studying for my first degree I was training as part of the national rowing team at the same time, it was hard work but I persisted and made it through,” Annika said.

“I am undertaking this Graduate Entry Masters course with the same attitude and commitment to succeed as I really want to establish a full-time career as a physiotherapist and work in a hospital setting.

“I love interacting with people and I think a hospital will allow me to work with a large variety of patients.”

Professor Tony Wright, Head of the School of Physiotherapy at Curtin explained the nature of the course and the fact that it will be Commonwealth Supported from 2009.

“The Graduate Entry Master of Physiotherapy is targeted toward talented students who have a Bachelor degree in an area other than Physiotherapy. The course allows students to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours expected of an entry level physiotherapist,” Professor Wright said.

“As of 2009 the course will be Commonwealth Supported and this is an added advantage for people wanting a new career but may shy away from study due to the costs involved.

“This course has a hybrid structure and uses curriculum to efficiently allow students to learn foundation knowledge, and combines this with case studies and clinical practice to integrate knowledge into clinical decision making.”

Annika commenced her studies in Jan 2008 and will graduate in 2010.

“I chose to study at Curtin as friends who studied Physiotherapy here provided such positive feedback about the quality of the education and campus life,” Annika said.

“My fellow course mates and I have formed a close knit group providing support for each other as we go through the challenges of the course.”

Modified: 18 August 2008

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