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Campus and global community

Curtin named among the world’s top 250 universities

Curtin University has been ranked among the world’s top 250 universities and placed 11th in Australia, according to the 2023…


Australians suffering hearing loss to be heard with new support app

Many of the 3.6 million Australians that suffer from hearing loss will soon have the support of an audiologist via…

Campus and global community

Australians with obesity unfairly blamed amid ‘lazy’ stigma

Simplistic stereotypes of Australians living with obesity blame the individual and fail to consider the complex causes, according to a…

Biology and marine biology

New eDNA toolkit could save species on the brink of extinction

New Curtin University-led research has used eDNA technology to track the movements of a critically endangered fish in South Africa…

Space and physics

Year-long maiden voyage of WA’s first homegrown spacecraft ends

After almost a year in orbit, WA’s first homegrown spacecraft has re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere, providing vital lessons for future…


Curtin study aims to identify the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in WA

New Curtin University-led research has found a way to identify Western Australian communities that are at high risk of chronic…

Campus and global community

Hollywood mentor helps Curtin students put disability on centre stage

Curtin theatre arts students will star in a reboot of Shakespeare’s play Richard III, with the modern rendition drawing on…

Earth science

Pacific Ocean set to make way for world’s next supercontinent

New Curtin University-led research has found that the world’s next supercontinent, Amasia, will most likely form when the Pacific Ocean…

Earth science

Lunar glass shows Moon asteroid impacts mirrored on Earth

A Curtin-led research team has found asteroid impacts on the Moon millions of years ago coincided precisely with some of…

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Scottish households urged to join search for Australian children’s artworks

The global search for hundreds of precious artworks created by Australian First Nations children who were forcibly taken from their…

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