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New centre to enhance productivity in process industry

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A new centre focusing on process engineering in industries including natural resources, gas and petroleum, food processing and materials fabrications will be launched at Curtin University today.

The Centre for Process Systems Computations (CPSC) is part of the Department of Chemical Engineering and aims to concentrate on applied and fundamental research for generating basic and advanced knowledge in chemical engineering, ranging from molecular scale to ecosystem level.

Research will include modelling and simulation, process optimisation and control, nonlinear control system, and computational fluid dynamics.

Curtin University’s Dean of Engineering, Professor Moses Tadé, said over the last two decades researchers have been focused on improving the understanding of chemical engineering processes.

“Despite the great differences in products in chemical engineering, the various unit operations can be designed and analysed on the basis of the same fundamental conservation principles such as mass, energy, and momentum balances,” Professor Tade said.

The Centre has several world-renowned experts and strong industry partnerships and members collaborate extensively with researchers worldwide. It will be co-directed by Professor Tadé and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Vishnu Pareek.

The launch will take place after the Annual Industry Briefing where industry stakeholders will be brought up-to-date with the current research capability and laboratory facility at the Chemical Engineering Department.

“We will also explore new collaboration opportunities, and ensure our research is relevant to industry,” Professor Pareek said.

“Process system computations are particularly important in unravelling the complexity of dynamic systems and assist novel process designs and optimisations,” Professor Pareek said.

“This is key for Australian industries to remain at the forefront of all its activities in the increasing global competitions.”

Annual Industry Briefing will take place on Friday 29 October 2010 at 4pm followed by the launch of the Centre for Process Systems Computations (CPSC) at 5pm at the Engineering Studio, Building 204, Level 3, Curtin University.


Professor Moses O. Tadé, Dean of Engineering, Curtin University
Tel: 08 9266 7581; Email:

Professor Vishnu K. Pareek, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Curtin University
Tel: 08 9266 4687; Email:

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