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High school class gets excited by science

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Increasing a love of learning in next generation’s young scientists is a goal of Curtin’s Science Outreach Program.

This passion to create an interest in science was on display last week when 16 year 10 students from Mater Dei College in Edgewater, visited Curtin University of Technology to explore the options of studying at Curtin.

Third-year Curtin science student Sydel Michielsen, who conducted some experiments with the students, said that visits like this could open up whole new worlds for high school students.

“We want to show that science can be for anyone,” Ms Michielsen said.

“You don’t have to fit the stereotype of the science geek to study science. Many of us play sports and spend a lot of time with friends. There is no true stereotype for a Curtin science student.”

To get a sense of the exciting things on offer for Curtin science students, a number of activities were conducted during the day. These included freezing a rose to -200 degrees with liquid nitrogen, and using instruments to see what sound waves actually look like.

Year 10 science teacher, Georgina Lombardo said that the day was a great way to open the student’s minds to science.

“Spending the day at Curtin immersed in science was a great experience,” she said.

“The students really enjoyed their on the campus.

“Not only did they find it educational and interesting, but they enjoyed the opportunity to see the university and participate in activities that they may not have been able to do at school.

 “It also helped that the Curtin students that conducted the workshops were younger and quite ‘cool’. They were really able to relate to what they were saying.

“Some of our students are considering studying science for the TER and going on to do it at university.

“I think that some were really inspired to continue with their science education at the high school level and possibly go on to study science at a university level.

“I’m sure this experience will help some of them make up their minds.”

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