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Green Electric Energy Park opens at Curtin University

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Curtin University has launched the Green Electric Energy Park (GEEP), an innovative new laboratory showcasing $1.2 million of renewable energy systems, which will be used for teaching and for extensive research.

The GEEP laboratory features state-of-the-art technology in renewable energy-based electric power generation including solar photovoltaic arrays, wind turbines, micro-hydro turbines and fuel cell stacks.

The on-site energy sources can be connected to the utility grid or used to produce stand-alone power supplies.

Data measured via the electrical network and real-time weather data, also measured on-site, is available digitally on workstation computers in lecture theatres via the Curtin local area network and over the internet for teaching and research purposes.

All feeds from the renewable energy sources and network operating systems will also be made available to research stations, where new ways of combining, controlling and converting renewable energy sources will be experimented with.

Dr Sumedha Rajakaruna, lead designer and Director of GEEP, said the facility was built on futuristic power system concepts.

“This facility demonstrates Curtin’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research in sustainable development, in particular renewable energy power conversion systems,” Dr Rajakaruna said.

“The rising cost of fossil fuels and the general public’s increased awareness of adverse climate changes, resulting from the burning of fossil fuels, have driven up interest in renewable energy sources.

“Green Electric Energy Park incorporates state-of-the-art power systems which add an exciting element to what we have to offer to our students and our State in the field of science and engineering.”

The GEEP design was hailed as one of the ‘New Initiatives in Power Engineering Education’ by the industry leading professional body, the Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEEE) Power and Energy Society at its annual general meeting in the United States last year.

GEEP was funded by Curtin and the Australian Power Institute and was officially declared open by Dr Mike Nahan MLA, Parliamentary Secretary for Energy on 26 November.

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Dr Sumedha Rajakaruna, Director Green Electric Energy Park, Curtin University
Tel: (08) 9266 7887, Email:

April Kleer, Public Relations Consultant, Curtin UniversityTel: (08) 9266 3353, Mobile: 0401 103 018

Curtin Pro Vice-Chancellor Andris Stelbovics, Professor Syed Islam, Dr Mike Nahan MLA and Dr Sumedha Rajakaruna at the new GEEP laboratory

Twitter: @CurtinPR

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