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Curtinnovation Awards a call for bold new ideas in unpredictable times

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Image for Curtinnovation Awards a call for bold new ideas in unpredictable times

With the volatile nature of our world never more apparent than during the current global health crisis, the 2021 Curtinnovation Awards are a timely opportunity for anyone wanting to step up and showcase their ground-breaking ideas and projects.

The annual awards are open to the general public for only the second time and are for anyone with a vision for an exciting new product or service, which they can develop in collaboration with Curtin University.

Applicants who submit an idea can win a share of a prize pool valued at up to $100,000, and the opportunity to connect with Western Australia’s research, business and investor community.

Curtin University Director of Commercialisation Rohan McDougall said the Curtinnovation Awards recognised exceptional research with the potential to be developed into new products and services with real-world application across industries including healthcare, IT, resources and education.

“Innovation has never been more necessary as the ongoing global pandemic continues to present new challenges and problems in need of solving,” Mr McDougall said.

“Crises can be a catalyst for change and there has never been greater need for innovative thinking and new ideas than during the current pandemic.

“This is the context in which the Curtinnovation Awards present an invaluable opportunity for aspiring innovators to showcase their work alongside other industry professionals and researchers.”

Mr McDougall said Curtin is looking for anyone who has a new idea for a product or service and thinks they can advance that idea towards market through research, study or collaboration with Curtin.

“The awards are open not just to staff or students but prospective students, any members of the public from across Australia, along with current and prospective industry collaborators,” Mr McDougall said.

“Past winners include a gel treatment for people with hearing loss, a software tool able to improve effectiveness of video security systems and a technology with the potential to save the oil and gas industry millions of dollars by improving LNG processing.

“The Awards are just one way that Curtin is supporting the community to translate research and innovations into real world commercial opportunities, products and services.”

In addition to cash prizes, this year’s prize pool includes scholarships to the Curtin Ignition and Curtin Accelerate programs valued at up to $3,250 and $5,000 respectively.

Applications are open to Curtin staff, current and prospective students, as well as current and prospective industry collaborators and close on 11 June 2021. Winners will be announced in September.

Further information on the Curtinnovation Awards can be found online here.

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