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Curtin staff a weight winner

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Losing 61 kilos is no easy task but Curtin University of Technology staff member, Allison Taylor, has triumphed in this challenge and will now represent WA in the national finals of the Weight Watchers Healthy Life Awards.

Ms Taylor, from Leeming, said the hardest part of the whole process was just getting started.

“Sticking to the program was not difficult for me, rather it was taking the first step that proved the main obstacle,” she said.

“I had the motivation as I knew how important it was to have a healthier lifestyle especially since I was recovering from treatment for breast cancer.

“But it is not easy to make the first move when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Ms Taylor, however, did find what she needed to start her journey and by July 2009, after nine and a half months, she had lost 52 kilos. Since then she has lost nine more and is still going strong maintaining her weight in the healthy range.

“I revamped my whole lifestyle to make important changes like ensuring I had time to exercise,” she said.

“I credit Curtin as a workplace that places an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and supports its staff members in pursuing a work-life balance.

“I was able to take advantage of the University’s Healthy Lifestyle Program and take time off during my workday to get to the gym.

“It also helped that Curtin staff and students now enjoy a new state-of-the-art gym on Campus which made exercising so convenient.

Ms Taylor works in the University’s Office of Research and Development and credits her colleagues for her success as well.

“The support I received from my colleagues at work was also another key to my success as they really provided a lot of encouragement for me to carry on towards my goal,” she said.

Ms Taylor will spend a week in Sydney leading up to the national finals on 18 November were she will go up against finalists from other states.

“I am thrilled to be in the finals as it marks the culmination of a very rewarding journey for me,” she said.

“I hope to inspire others to make the change for a healthier life as the benefits go far beyond just looking good to being able to enjoy a whole new lease on life.”

Media Contact: Ann Marie Lim; Public Relations; Curtin; 08 9266 4241; 0401 103 532;

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