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Curtin researcher helps design innovative solution for mobile computing

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Curtin University of Technology researcher, Don Griffiths, has been selected for an Australian Government Enterprise Connect Researchers in Business grant to help design security software for a portable application device.

The device known as the Mini Silicon Data Vault (SDV), produced by security technology company, Secure Systems, provides functionality that helps realise the ‘secure laptop in your pocket’ concept.

The Mini SDV is a small pocket-size Universal Serial Bus (USB) device which allows a trusted software application resident on the device to be uploaded to any host PC.

The new product, combined with trusted security software, will provide users with a portable Virtual Private Network (VPN), browser or network client to allow them to connect to their corporate applications and data securely.

Mr Griffiths, from Curtin’s School of Information Systems, is working on the development of the trusted applications to be packaged with the Mini SDV.

“The trusted application environment is an operating system and set of applications configured to work with the unique protections of the Mini SDV,” he said.

“The protection offered by the security features of the device allows establishment of a portable trusted environment using any available PC as a host.

“The trusted applications running from the Mini SDV may then be used to communicate securely with corporate applications”

Secure Systems Managing Director, Peter James, said the device is designed to meet the high demand from security-conscious organisations for a secure device that could be issued to customers or home-based/mobile employees.

“The device allows an organisation to implement home based or mobile working without compromising organisational security or trading security for functionality,” he said.

“The Mini SDV effectively extends the logical security capabilities of an organisation to any distant or remote location.

“One of the main innovative features of the device is its ability to protect a trusted application in a secure storage area whilst ensuring no sensitive data remains on the host PC.”

The device will be available to purchase from March 2010.

The Researchers in Business grant aims to improve the dissemination of expertise from research environments to industry and, thereby, increase the competitiveness of industry.

The Head of School of Information Systems, Associate Professor Vanessa Chang said the Researchers in Business grant is an outstanding Australian Government initiative.

“It brings both academia and industry partners together to foster stronger links and collaboration to achieve innovative solutions.”

Contacts: Don Griffiths; School of Information Systems; Curtin; 08 9266 7691; OR A/Professor Vanessa Chang; Head of School Information Systems; Curtin; 08 9266 7027; OR Peter James; Managing Director; Secure Systems; 08 9202 8333; OR Monique Billstein; Public Relations; Curtin; 08 9266 3353; 0401 103 018;

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