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Curtin research boosted by $8.9 million in ARC grants

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Curtin University has been awarded $8.9 million from the Federal Government’s Australian Research Council (ARC) to support 21 research projects, ranging in focus from virtual reality and home ownership to the origins of the Earth and earthquakes.

The latest round of ARC grants, announced by Federal Minister for Education and Training the Hon Dan Tehan, include 13 Discovery Projects, three Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards, three ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities and two ARC Linkage Projects.

Curtin’s Discovery Early Career Researchers are Earth’s crust and geology researcher Dr Denis Fougerouse ($421,824), social media researcher Dr Crystal Abidin ($401,808) and geophysical hazards researcher Dr Amy Parker ($325,000).

Curtin University Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry congratulated the University’s ARC grant recipients, who ranged from early career researchers to some of the University’s most distinguished academics.

“The University’s Discovery Early Career Researchers represent the future of research in Australia and these grants confirm they have an exciting future ahead,” Professor Terry said.

“This latest round of ARC grants covers Curtin’s Faculties of Humanities, Science and Engineering, Health Sciences and Business and Law, so the research undertaken as a result of this support will deliver cultural, social, economic, scientific and environmental benefits.”

The ARC’s purpose is to grow knowledge and innovation for the benefit of the Australian community through funding the highest quality research, assessing the quality, engagement and impact of research and providing advice on research matters.

The successful Curtin University projects and the lead researchers in the latest ARC round includes:

  • Dr Mihye Won: Using immersive virtual reality to enhance students’ science visualisation
  • Dr Simone Ciampi: Electrostatic catalysis from single-molecule events to macroscopic systems
  • Professor Igor Bray: Antihydrogen formation
  • Professor Rachel Ong ViforJ: Edges of home ownership
  • Associate Professor Deborah Kerr: Accuracy and cost-effectiveness of technology-assisted dietary assessment
  • Associate Professor Ahmed El-Mowafy: Tracking formation-flying of nanosatellites using inter-satellite links
  • Professor Ryan Loxton: Real-time global optimisation for distributed parameter control systems
  • Professor Hong Hao: Improved analysis and design of structures to resist blast and impact
  • Dr Kaiming Bi: Development of novel inerter-based damper for platform vibration control
  • Professor Kok Lay Teo: Distributionally robust dynamic optimization for nonlinear switched system
  • Professor Hongwei Wu: Phase stability of biomass fast pyrolysis bio-oil: behaviour and control
  • Professor Shaobin Wang (now at University of Adelaide): Smart self-propelled nanoreactors for catalytic environmental remediation
  • Professor Peter Kinny: Hidden geochemical treasure – Apatite inclusions in zircon
  • Dr Crystal Abidin: Social media influencers as conduits of knowledge in Australia and Asia
  • Dr Denis Fougerouse: A new nanogeochronology approach to global Earth processes
  • Dr Amy Parker: Imaging, analysing and forecasting Australian hazards with satellites
  • John Curtin Distinguished Professor Kliti Grice: A novel ToF-SIMS facility for organic and inorganic analyses in WA
  • Dr Martin Danisik: The Western Australia ThermoChronology Hub (WATCH)
  • Professor Steven Reddy: Cutting-edge electron backscatter diffraction for materials analysis in WA
  • Professor Abhijit Mukherjee: Field scale biocementation in remediation and self-healing
  • Professor Rhonda Oliver: Preparing Aboriginal students in remote communities for life beyond school

For more information about the ARC grants, visit here.

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