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Curtin Professor announced as ATSE Fellow

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Curtin University’s Professor John Mackenzie AO has been elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).

Professor Mackenzie, Curtin’s Faculty of Health Sciences, is a Research Associate and Professor of Tropical Infectious Diseases. He has been a world-leader in virology research for the last 40 years.

“Most of my work is concerned with global surveillance and response to outbreaks of emerging diseases, usually zoonoses, with a strong commitment and involvement in programs within the World Health Organization,” Professor Mackenzie said.

“I have worked particularly closely with the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network and the Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases.

“I’m also very involved in all aspects concerned with the concept of ‘One Health’ – a recognition that the health of humans, animals and ecosystems are interconnected.”

In addition to these activities, Professor Mackenzie is strongly involved in State health activities concerned with emerging diseases and arboviral disease surveillance.

His research falls in three sections:

Influenza, with emphasis on virus genetics, live virus vaccines, and the ecology of avian influenza in wild birds in Western Australia.

  • Mosquito-borne viruses, including Ross River, Barmah Forest, Murray Valley encephalitis, West Nile and Japanese encephalitis viruses. This has included surveillance, virus ecology, molecular biology and phylogenetics, diagnostic developments, and host resistance.
  • Emerging zoonotics bat-borne diseases, including Hendra virus and Australian Bat lyssavirus, and global surveillance and response activities for infectious diseases.


Professor Mackenzie said he was honoured by the election to a Fellowship.

“This appointment is very exciting but this kind of recognition is also a reflection of the ability and work of many others who have been part of my laboratory over many years,” Professor MacKenzie said.

Professor Michael Berndt, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Health Sciences, said Professor Mackenzie’s achievements are best exemplified by his publication record, with four books edited, a number of major textbook chapters, and over 300 peer-reviewed publications.

“This is well-deserved recognition for a dedicated researcher and health advocate,” Professor Berndt said.

The Academy has elected 26 new Fellows for 2015, including key business names, leading academics, prominent commercial innovators, professional and business leaders and high-ranking public sector figures.


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