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Curtin COVID-19 Expert Index

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Curtin COVID-19 Expert Index


Professor Archie Clements
Pro-Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences
Coronavirus as a pandemic; the latest on the virus and its spread; Australia’s testing regime; health and medical advice; general commentary on the virus situation and issues

Professor Peter Gething
The Kerry M Stokes AC, Chair of Child Health, Faculty of Health Sciences
Coronavirus as a pandemic; modelling around stopping the spread, data and mapping

Professor Peter McEvoy
School of Psychology
Impact on mental health/anxiety; psychology behind ‘extreme’ shopping and panic buying; what drives panic/threat responses

Professor Ben Mullins
School of Public Health
Health and safety implications for FIFO workers; use of respiratory protection (masks/inhalers)

Professor Suzanne Robinson
School of Public Health
Role of telehealth (delivering health services remotely); surge in demand for telehealth; risks and rewards of telehealth

Professor Garth Kendall
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine
Impact on a child’s mental health; how to explain COVID-19 to children of different ages 

Associate Professor Nick Golding
School of Public Health
Understanding the government’s coronavirus modelling; proportion of cases being detected; effectiveness of social distancing

Associate Professor Kevin Netto
School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science
Why exercise is more important than ever; how parents can fill the void left by cancelled kids’ sports; keeping fit in lockdown; how to stick to a routine; exercising safely at home

Dr Rebecca Anderson
School of Psychology
Impact on mental health/anxiety including for children; how to talk to children about COVID-19


Professor Alan Duncan
Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre Director 
Impact on economy and jobs; number of job losses; industries hardest hit; when are we likely to see the worst of it?; how long is it going to last? 

Associate Professor Rebecca Cassels
Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre
Impact on economy and jobs; businesses, women in the workforce, working from home; commentary on Federal and State Policy responses – how effective they will be in smoothing out the shock? 


Professor Steven Rowley
School of Economics, Finance and Property
Impact on the property market and house prices; are RBA interest rate cuts effective? 

Professor Rachel ViforJ
School of Economics, Finance and Property
Impact on housing affordability; housing as a nest egg for retirement; housing and labour insecurity

Professor Robert Durand
School of Economics, Finance and Property
Impact on stock markets; investor/market panic; investor irrationality

Associate Professor Shams Pathan
School of Economics, Finance and Property
How financial institutions may change post COVID-19; making our financial systems and institutions sustainable post pandemics

Dr Roberto F. Aguilera
Curtin University Oil and Gas Innovation Centre
School of Economics, Finance and Property
Impact on natural resource markets, particularly energy and mining

Professor Julia Richardson
School of Management
Working from home; challenges/implications for employees and employers; dealing with ‘career shocks’ and job loss

Associate Professor Vidy Potdar
School of Management
Using blockchain to help affected businesses; supply chain disruption by land and sea

Associate Professor Kantha Dayaram
School of Management  
Impact on workplace/industrial relations; leave and other entitlements; enterprise agreements; workplace health and safety

Associate Professor Paul Alexander
School of Management
Impact on supply chains by road, sea and air; why are there goods shortages and price hikes?

Associate Professor Jeremy Galbreath
School of Management
Innovation in business, government, non-profit and education in response to COVID-19; how businesses are responding through innovation

Dr Bella Butler
School of Management
Learning and teaching online; home learning and home business

Dr Theodora Issa
School of Management
Ethical mindsets during COVID-19 (not panic buying or ignoring restrictions); ethics, business ethics and customer relations during difficult times

Professor Kirsten Holmes
School of Marketing
Community and spontaneous volunteering; demand for volunteer-delivered services and changes to volunteering; impact of COVID-19 on events and festivals, including the Olympic Games

Dr Billy Sung
School of Marketing
Impact on retail industry/business; triggers and impact of panic shopping and product hoarding

Dr Mingming Cheng
School of Marketing
Impact on Australian and global tourism industry; what does the road to recovery look like?

Dr Michael Baird
School of Marketing
Impact on the domestic and global aviation industry; recovery time; impact on business, tourism and the global economy

John Curtin Distinguished Professor Sharon Parker
Future of Work Institute
Working from home; challenges and opportunities; staying productive; dealing with distractions; impact on workplace culture; long-term effects; managing teams remotely; what might happen to workplaces post-COVID-19?

Professor Mark Griffin
Future of Work Institute
Working from home and mental health issues; managing safety for distributed, virtual, and home working; productivity and working from home

Professor Marylene Gagne
Future of Work Institute
Working from home; staying motivated at home

Associate Professor Patrick Dunlop
Future of Work Institute
Working from home; recruiting staff remotely- how to still keep it personal; personality (the effect of different types) and working from home

Dr Gigi Petery
Future of Work Institute
Impact on older workforce, retirees, retirement savings and superannuation; ageism and COVID-19


John Curtin Distinguished Professor Peter Newman
Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute
What will our environment look like post COVID-19?; what the lockdowns mean for climate change and sustainability; facing the future after difficult times

Professor Rhonda Oliver
School of Education
Impact on the education sector; effects of new era of education disruption; can bricks and mortar schools survive COVID-19?; NAPLAN and other systemic changes

Professor Michael Keane
School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry
China’s response to COVID-19; the use of medical equipment, masks and PPE in China; China’s national image projection; media portrayals of China’s response with in China

Associate Professor Alexey Muraviev
School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry
The role of the military in civil emergencies like COVID-19; heightened risks of terrorism and extremism; Australia’s energy security; Russia’s experience in combating disease; COVID-19 and the risk of war

Associate Professor Tama Leaver
School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry  
Digital childhood; digital death and mourning; learning and teaching online; general online and social media trends and responses to COVID-19

Dr Kathryn Shine
School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry
Media coverage trends relating to the pandemic; the prevalence of ‘fake news’ and how to spot it

Dr Hannah McGlade
School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry   
Social and health impact on Indigenous communities; vulnerability of Aboriginal people due to high rate in prisons and with disability/health conditions

Dr Crystal Abidin
School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry  
Misinformation on the Internet; COVID-19 related memes; gender + discrimination and social media trends/behaviour; influencers in the age of COVID-19

Dr Sky Croeser
School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry  
How the climate action movement is responding; how local communities are rallying around each other; how we are using the Internet to get through the crisis

Associate Professor Tim Pitman
School of Humanities Research & Graduate Studies
Impact of disruption on students and workers; alternative pathways for disrupted Year 12s and retrenched workers


“Universities give us the gift of expertise. Expertise to help us comprehend what is happening, avoid further threats and risks, and start the hard and heartbreaking slog to rebuild and recover. Our university researchers are some of our most valuable guides and interpreters.”

Curtin Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry

(National Press Club Address: February 2020)


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