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Curtin academic heads state new group for anaphylaxis management in schools

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Professor Phillip Della, Head of Curtin University of Technology’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, has been appointed as the Chair of the new Anaphylaxis Management Implementation Group (AMIG) announced by the Health Department today.

The goal of the AMIG is to protect WA children through appropriate management of anaphylaxis in schools and childcare services, and will progress the strategies of the state implementation plan.

Anaphylaxis is a sudden, severe and rapidly progressive allergic reaction to an allergen in a sensitised individual.

Professor Della highlighted the significance of the work of the AMIG.

“Anaphylaxis can have enormous psychological and social impact, and rare but potentially life-threatening consequences. Even though there is no cure for allergies anaphylaxis is a preventable condition,” Professor Della said.

“As allergies become more prevalent, we want children at risk of anaphylaxis to be able to lead normal, interactive lives in school and at childcare, and this will be possible if their health needs are managed properly.”

WA has not had a child death from anaphylaxis but there has been three near miss incidences of anaphylaxis in WA childcare and education facilities in recent years.

The state has been proactive in developing a comprehensive interagency approach to anaphylaxis, with the AMIG as one of the key outcomes.

“The establishment of the Anaphylaxis Management Implementation Group is a significant step forward to caring for our children in childcare and school environments,” Professor Della said.

“I am confident the group will make remarkable steps in implementing education and awareness strategies to support the vision of the State Government that has provided the impetus to reduce the risk of this condition for our children.”

Professor Della is a highly respected health care expert and was with the Department of Health as Chief Nursing Officer from May 1999  until he commenced his role at Curtin in February 2008.

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Modified: 4 June 2008

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