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Australian-first ‘active speed bumps’ put the brakes on speeding motorists

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An innovative ‘dynamic speed bump’ that is activated by speeding motorists is being trialled at Curtin University, as part of an Australian-first road safety initiative.

The Actibump technology, developed by Swedish innovators Edeva, is designed to only target speeding motorists, allowing all other motorists, including buses and emergency vehicles, to continue driving without being affected.

Speeding vehicles are detected by a radar which activates a hatch in the road that lowers a few centimetres creating an inverted speed bump. If motorists abide by the speed limit, the technology is not activated and the road remains flat.

Curtin University’s Chief Operating Officer Ian Callahan said the new technology offered a unique solution to creating safer roads on the University’s Bentley Campus.

“We were interested in trialling this system as it has been extremely successful in Sweden and offered an innovative approach to creating safer roads for Curtin staff, students and members of the public,” Mr Callahan said.

“Since installing the Actibump technology a month ago, the number of speeding motorists has decreased from 70 per cent to around 30 per cent, which is a great result as it is not something we have been able to monitor previously.

“By installing this technology we hope to encourage a shift in the behaviour of drivers on the Campus as well as creating future research opportunities for our academics.”

The Actibump technology not only reduces the number of speeding motorists, but also aims to improve road safety, as well as reducing emissions from vehicles, and decreasing noise levels and ground vibrations.

Four Actibumps have been installed and are currently being trialled at Curtin University’s Bentley Campus.

For further information on the Actibump technology, visit:

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