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App to enable early diagnosis and intervention for speech impairment

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Image for App to enable early diagnosis and intervention for speech impairment

Curtin researchers will investigate the use of a web-based assessment application for the early and accurate detection of speech impairment, as part of a new Curtin-led project that has been supported by the Federal Government.

Funded as part of the Medical Research Future Fund grants and led by Dr Roslyn Ward from the Curtin School of Allied Health, the project will develop an assessment tool for accurate diagnosis to enable targeted early intervention and better outcomes.

Dr Ward said that children with speech impairment were at risk of serious educational disadvantage and social isolation, which could negatively impact their quality of life and contribute to long-term economic burden.

“Early identification of speech impairment followed by the right intervention is critical to mitigating these long-term consequences,” Dr Ward said.

“However, current clinical practice relies on often lengthy and subjective measures that are vulnerable to bias, leading to problems such as potential misdiagnosis and delaying the provision of the right intervention.

“There is an urgent need to replace these practices with efficient and objective diagnostic tools that can also be administered remotely.”

The Medical Research Future Fund provides grants to support health and medical research and innovation, with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of Australians.

For more information about the Medical Research Future Fund, visit here.

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