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Curtin butts out

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From New Year’s Day 2012, all Curtin University campuses in Western Australia will become smoke-free.

This means smoking will be prohibited on all University land, including at Bentley, Kalgoorlie, Margaret River, Murray Street and Shenton Park campuses.

The prohibition will also apply to student and University supplied housing and vehicles.

An amendment to the University by-laws will prohibit smoking, and breaches may attract a fine.

The University is a leader in the field of health research and teaching, and recognises that smoking and second-hand smoke harm people’s health.

By going smoke-free, the University is aligning its policies and practices with research evidence.

Curtin is sponsoring a campaign to raise awareness of the changes and is offering smokers services and support.

More details, and advice on how to quit, are available at the University’s Smoke Free 2012 website.

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