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COVID-19 updates for students

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Find important information and updates regarding COVID-19, including WA Government vaccination requirements below. The information will be updated regularly as new information is provided by the WA Government.

Student FAQs – WA Mandatory Vaccinations

COVID-19 vaccination requirements for research, placement, fieldwork or volunteer activities

The WA Government recently announced that a range of occupations and workforces in WA will be subject to vaccination requirements. The policy follows the existing mandates in place for workers in high-risk industries.

If you will be working, doing research, or undertaking a placement, fieldwork or volunteer activity in one of these industries, you will likely be subject to these vaccination requirements. The State mandatory vaccine requirements take precedence over any Curtin policies and procedures.

The University has developed additional information for Curtin students who may be impacted by these new requirements. This includes information on when and how to provide your vaccination status record to Curtin.

The material will be updated regularly as the State’s requirements are changing rapidly, so please continue to check your student email and OASIS regularly for updates.

If you are unsure about compliance with the State mandate or are seeking clarification regarding an activity, please discuss this with your unit coordinator or the Student Wellbeing team.

Information for students located outside Western Australia

COVID-19 vaccination requirements differ across the States and Territories of Australia and overseas. You will need to ensure you are familiar with the requirements for your location and any impacts on your study.

If you are planning to enter Western Australia, ensure you are aware of the WA Government vaccination requirements. More information is available on the WA Government COVID-19 website.

If you are seeking clarification regarding an activity, please discuss this with your unit coordinator or the Student Wellbeing team.

Vaccination availability for international onshore students

If you are an international student located within Western Australia, you are eligible for a free COVID-19 vaccination through the WA State Government vaccine hubs. You do not need a Medicare card to receive your vaccination.

Please note that the Curtin Medical Centre on the Perth Campus is only able to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to students with a valid Medicare card.

Book online or call 13 COVID to book your COVID-19 vaccination.

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