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Campus and global community

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Campus and global community

Student volunteers connect with community for John Curtin Weekend

International students make up around a quarter of the 200 volunteers set to lend their support to regional Western Australia…

Campus and global community

Study unearths ancient reef structure high and dry on the Nullarbor Plain

Curtin researchers and international collaborators using advanced satellite imagery have discovered an ancient reef-like landform ‘hidden’ in plain view on…

Awards and achievements

Stars of Curtin classes honoured at annual alumni awards

An Indigenous social entrepreneur who creates stable employment opportunities for Indigenous youth has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at…

Campus and global community

Unassuming local hero named the 2021 John Curtin Medallist

A devoted philanthropist, volunteer and Rotarian who has changed the lives of children across the globe has been awarded the…

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Curtin honours four pioneers with Honorary Doctorates

A trailblazer of Indigenous health research, a pre-eminent Australian economist, an oil and gas executive committed to regional education and…

Campus and global community

Study of 300-million-year-old faeces finds meat on the menu

Curtin researchers have analysed organic molecules preserved within 306-million-year-old fossilised animal faeces (coprolite) and unlocked a wealth of information about…

Campus and global community

World-leading Curtin evolution expert named 2022 Scientist of the Year

Curtin University congratulates John Curtin Distinguished Professor Kliti Grice on being named Scientist of the Year at the 2022 Premier’s…

Campus and global community

Comet impacts formed continents when Solar System entered galactic arms

New Curtin research has found evidence that Earth’s early continents resulted from being hit by comets as our Solar System…

Campus and global community

New chapter for Curtin College starts at Curtin Exchange

Curtin College – the on-campus pathway for thousands of Curtin students from across the globe – has moved into its…

Campus and global community

Much more than mining on offer at Curtin Kalgoorlie Open Day

Visitors to Curtin Kalgoorlie Open Day will be spoilt for choice by the many course and career opportunities supported by…

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