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Which careers are best for you?

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As you start to think about choosing a future career, it’s natural to feel a mixture of excitement and uncertainty. Determining which courses align best with your strengths and interests is an important part of the process.

If you’re unsure where your strengths and interests lie, take our fun Find U Quiz 

Reflect on your interests

Take a moment to reflect on the activities that bring you joy. Whether it’s solving mathematical problems, writing stories, or debating current affairs, your interests can help you discover a career that you would love.

Identify your strengths

Consider the subjects that you excel in. Reflecting on your strengths can tell you a lot about your natural talents and skills. Are you a creative thinker, a persuasive communicator, or a problem solver? Recognising your strengths can lead you to potential career paths where you’ll thrive.

Explore opportunities

Attend career fairs, workshops and seminars to gain insights into various industries and available opportunities and try out online career assessment tests and personality quizzes to gain further understanding on your strengths and interests. You might also like to visit Curtin Perth, have a walk around the campus or attend one of our many events.  

Believe in yourself

Trust your instincts when making decisions about your future. Follow your heart, but also carefully weigh the pros and cons of different options. Believing in yourself is key to finding a path that aligns with your values, aspirations and passions and will motivate you to achieve your goals.

Seek guidance and support

Ask for guidance from teachers, family members, and career counsellors. They can offer valuable insights, share their own experiences and provide support as you navigate through this next phase of your life. You can also contact our future students’ team for advice or book an appointment at Curtin Connect for face-to-face support.

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