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The benefits of studying in a different country

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Many school students have their heart set on a study abroad experience during their uni years. Does it measure up to expectations? We asked four Curtin international students a few quick questions about their experience.

Students at any one of Curtin’s five global campuses can apply for a study abroad, semester exchange or international summer school experience. Let’s meet the four students who’ve revealed the highlights of their Curtin Perth experience.

Andy Wu Chi Hsuan left Taiwan to study at Curtin Singapore, where he could complete a short diploma course and then enrol directly into a bachelor course as a second-year student. Andy later transferred to Curtin Perth and completed his Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources and Management.

Like Andy, Jess Genagan also chose to study Commerce and, with a keen interest in painting as a hobby, she also enrolled in Fine Arts electives. Jess began her studies at Curtin Malaysia in Miri, Sarawak, before transferring to Curtin Perth “to explore new environments and forge new paths to success in a new country”.

Elisha Mutang also began his studies at Curtin Malaysia before transferring to Curtin Perth, keen to have a living abroad experience.

Danyah Ahmed Alodasimani left Saudi Arabia to study geophysics in her Bachelor of Earth Sciences degree at Curtin Perth, after securing an industry scholarship out of 100,000 applicants! “Geophysics is a fascinating field that blends physics and geology. As geophysics isn’t offered in Saudi Arabian universities, I applied for an Aramco scholarship with Curtin,” she explained.

1. How has the new cultural experience been for you?

Danyah: I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse international community at Curtin, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and learning about their cultures. This cultural exchange has been one of the highlights of my time here.

Andy: After the pandemic situation improved, I jumped at the chance to gain overseas experience. My experience was extremely smooth ­– I had an agent who guided me through the process of transferring. I also wanted to expose myself to a new environment, meet new people, and learn about another culture. I’d heard great things about the Perth campus. Students here come from all over the world, and I made friends with Australians, Germans, Chinese, British, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Congolese, and Indonesians.

Elisha: The culture at the main campus is very diverse and they have a wide range of student events and clubs. You have opportunities to meet new people and foster good relationships that will be beneficial throughout your life in Perth. But if you’re feeling homesick, the campus has a Malaysian society for you to meet fellow Malaysians.

Outdoor festival in Creative Quarter at Curtin Perth

2. What do you enjoy most about the Curtin Perth campus?

Andy: As Curtin Perth is the main campus, it is big and has many different facilities for students. There were also plenty of events for us. I enjoy how accessible the campus is, the facilities and services they provide, and the different events they hold. Also, here in the Perth campus I’m exposed to many different programs. One program I had the opportunity to attend was the High Achievers Program in the Faculty of Business and Law. We gained employability skills and attended talks given by industry leaders – which was a memorable experience! There are also many types of support services that are always there ready to help students like us transfer from school to career.

Jess: The Perth Campus has numerous study areas to study wherever I want – whether it’s busy or quiet. Coffee shops are everywhere on campus, and it has food outlets and grocery stores, which is helpful for me.

Danyah: From the moment I arrived at Curtin, the vibrant campus life has been nonstop. I’ve joined several clubs, including the podcast club, which has been an amazing and enjoyable experience. The weekly Wednesday guild activities are a fantastic way to unwind and have fun. Also, Curtin’s facilities, like the Exploration Geophysics Building, provide cutting-edge resources that give us a clear and enhanced vision of our future career paths.

3. What about your studies – can you describe your learning experience at Curtin Perth?

Andy: I was confident that this course would help me develop the relevant skill sets to prepare me for my career as an HR manager, and my tutors’ feedback and their experience helped me to improve significantly. Their teaching style, experience of leading in group assignments, and a supportive environment has allowed me to thoroughly enjoy my course. I am extremely grateful because all the tutors that taught me are extremely passionate, very knowledgeable and willing to share their personal experiences, and to go the extra mile to ensure we learn.

Jess: As an international student from Miri, I only had to complete a few fundamental units to meet the requirements to enrol in my Commerce program. My teachers and peers in Business and Fine Arts classes are very helpful in explaining things, which has resulted in good friendships. Also, I enrolled in electives that piqued my interest, such as Fine Arts, as I have a keen interest in painting as a hobby.

Elisha: The opportunity was presented to me by my parents, and it was a good decision! Transferring to the Perth campus has been a rewarding experience. It has allowed me to learn a different culture, make new friends, secure my first full-time job, and most importantly I learned more about myself.

Danyah: At Curtin, I’ve discovered a passion for the hands-on work in both my geology and geophysics units. This practical approach to learning is incredibly engaging. The thrill of uncovering the Earth’s secrets through real-world applications is truly captivating – it’s fascinating to see the natural world through a new lens. But university is more than just academic learning; it’s a treasure trove of life lessons that prepare you for a successful career. One of my most valuable experiences I’ve had is learning how to socialise and network effectively – a crucial skill for personal and professional growth. My advice to future Curtin students is that if you ever need assistance, don’t hesitate to approach the incredibly helpful teaching staff. Finally, savour every moment of university life; it’s truly an amazing experience.

Ready for a study abroad adventure?

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If you like the sound of the global study experience that Andy, Jess, Danyah and Elisha enjoyed, start planning yours now! Explore our Go Global information to find out more, and then email our Go Global team at, or phone 1300 222 888 and ask for Go Global.

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