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World Gratitude Day

Thank You

Are you grateful for the opportunity to wake up and experience the wonders of a brand new day?
Join us as we reflect on the many wonderful opportunities and privileges that make our Curtin community and WA a great place to be.

It’s through the power of gratitude that we can empower, transform, heal, and make a difference.

With the dust settling on the COVID-19 storm, we give immeasurable thanks to our global leaders, partners, donors and friends for working tirelessly to make the world a better place.

As the world slowly gets back on its feet, we are grateful for new beginnings, second chances, the gift of education, our leaders and game-changers of tomorrow and the many strong role models in our lives who inspire and uplift. We are also humbled and thankful for the simple things in life such as a hug from a friend, clean water and access to quality health care.

But our gratitude extends beyond what we have, it’s a positive reflection of who we are.

Empowering the teachers of tomorrow: How our donors are making an impact

Stories from our community

Education key to breaking barriers and empowerment

Education key to breaking barriers and empowerment

As Dean, International at Curtin University and more recently Dean of Gender Equality, Inclusion and Diversity, Dr Jaya Dantas is a firm believer in the power of education.

The Professor of International Health in Curtin’s School of Population Health, is passionate about bridging the gap between refugee and migrant populations, breaking down barriers of disparity and being beacon of hope to those downtrodden by inequality.

Actuarial scientist connects research to life purpose: community service

Actuarial scientist connects research to life purpose: community service

Whether she is conducting research or volunteering in the community, Toto Olita has remained truthful to her life aspiration to use her skills, experience and passion to improve the welfare of others.

As a global student and citizen, Olita started her tertiary journey in Kenya, obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science. It is here where her passion for supporting her community blossomed into a dream of finding sustainable solutions for large global issues.

Students at heart: WASM alum invests in future students

Students at heart: WASM alum invests in future students

With a strong appreciation and respect for Country and the mining and resources sector, Chris is passionate about positive student experience and cultivating a culture where hands on practical experience wins hands down.

Committed to ensuring a new generation have the same opportunities to break into the industry, Chris and the Neometals team have thrown their support behind a range of Science and Engineering scholarship programs.

Staff giving program invests in future of students

Staff giving program invests in future of students

You are helping students like Annabel Biscotto (Law and International Relations) and Patrick Catambay (Mechanical Engineering and Finance) become our future leaders.

Through Curtin’s Give to Change program, staff are not only investing in the strength of the University, but our students’ hopes and dreams.

Our journey to end Alzheimer’s devastating impact on community

Our journey to end Alzheimer’s devastating impact on community

You are improving the lives of those who live with Alzheimer’s like Eileen Leake’s through your support in research.

Curtin is leading the way through cutting-edge research and partnering with the community and industry organisations to reduce the impact of dementia on people’s lives – all with the goal of creating a future where Alzheimer’s disease is a preventable and treatable condition.

Education: The biggest weapon to fight any war

Education: The biggest weapon to fight any war

You are changing lives like Afghanistan refugee and nursing graduate Ezz Rahmati’s, who wants to make essential healthcare accessible for all in developing countries.

Using his nursing degree, Ezz hopes to work in developing nations, where he can help those less fortunate access common medicine and prevent unnecessary deaths from treatable infections.

Being grateful not only fuels our soul and boosts feelings of happiness, it’s a moral virtue that forms part of being a good human.

Hear from more of our donors

Dr Vanessa Guthrie

Since 2019, Curtin Council member Vanessa Guthrie has made donations to establish the Moorditj Yorga Scholarship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, particularly those who experienced education barriers and missed the opportunity to enter university.

Vanessa was a young woman in the mid-1970s during a period of significant social change which saw many opportunities for women around the world, including free tertiary education. Unfortunately, many Aboriginal people were not given the same opportunities and Vanessa was confronted by the social disparities she saw between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians, especially women.

She founded the Moorditj Yorga Scholarship to imagine a community in which more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women can build their leadership roles to achieve positions of influence – not only in their communities, but the broader Australian economy. Vanessa continues to work with Curtin to ensure the scholarship remains accessible to Aboriginal women.

Mandy Loton

In 2018 the John Curtin Gallery established a donor circle for those interested in supporting the Gallery’s growing collection of Aboriginal, Australian Modernist and contemporary art. Mandy Loton quickly became a founding member, and a champion of the Gallery’s socially conscious exhibitions. “I have driven quite a few people to see the Gallery and the Carrolup collection. It has been really beautiful to see the growth of the Gallery, the broadening of workshops and screenings, exhibition opportunities, and more donors acquiring additional artworks for West Australians to experience.”

Peter Bradford

Peter studied a Bachelor of Extractive Metallurgy at the Western Australian School of Mines, and made the decision to give back to Curtin students so they can have the same opportunities he had. “I grew up in a family that could not have afforded to send me to university. Thankfully, at the time I studied tuition was more or less free. Government assistance paid for the majority of living expenses and vacation work paid for the rest. That kind of support is not available for the majority of students today, who have to deal with hefty tuition fees and living expenses, and competition in applying for vacation work.”

Karen Iber

“I could see my donation would create immediate impact and change. Reading the story of a student who is studying to be a paramedic but lost her job due to COVID-19 made me decide to donate. I hope my donation helps her and others overcome some of the financial challenges students are facing, so they don’t give up on achieving their academic dreams. “Donating made me feel more connected to the Curtin community. If the global pandemic has shown us anything, it’s how interconnected we really are. We are in this together and I believe we should do what we can to help each other.”