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Young Alumni Helping Hand Fund

In 2017, the Young Alumni Helping Hand Fund initiative was created in collaboration with a group of Curtin Young Alumni, to provide immediate short-term relief to students experiencing financial difficulties, whom are seeking support from Curtin’s Psychological and Counselling Services team

Ultimately, the young alumni community wanted to ensure as many students as possible, could remain confident in their studies and focus on what’s most important besides staying healthy – their education.

Through the Curtin’s Psychological and Counselling Services team, they provide vouchers or small grants to students so they can purchase study-related materials, pay for their groceries or bills, or access services such as public transport.

To date, the young alumni community have raised over $20,000 and supported 43 international and/or domestic students in need.

If you’re in a position to lend a helping hand, please consider donating today.

“I chose to donate to the Young Alumni Helping Hand Fund because I knew what it felt like to be strapped for cash. I knew what it felt like to fork out $200 for a rather thick textbook. As I am now working full time I am able to give back. I love that I can give back to something that was part of helping me get to where I am today – so in a sense I am paying that forward.”

Kieron Safstrom, former Program Coordinator (Fundraising), Young Alumni Advisory Board

“Thanks for providing this support as this has made a huge impact. It helps with the most basic needs, which allows them to have a start to a better outlook for the future”.

Jagan, Social Work Advisor, Curtin Counselling