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Community initiatives

Curtin Tax Clinic

Initiative lead:

Henry’s Taxing Day

The Curtin University Tax Clinic’s published book, Henry’s Taxing Day, is now available.

This is the first book in a series targeted towards pre-primary students, and provides a soft introduction to the broad concepts of taxation. The book was created to address several gaps in the delivery of tax and more broadly, financial literacy education.

Given that tax plays a crucial role in transactions, and that the revenue generated from the collection of taxes enables the majority of public services we enjoy, it is essential that future participants of the tax system are informed of their obligations and understand broadly how the taxes we pay are used. Early education and intervention is therefore essential to developing a society conscious of compliance obligations and willing to participate in the tax system authentically and transparently.

It is the hope of Curtin Tax Clinic that the compliance and public services message will resonate with parents and children. This is the first step in developing a culture in future taxpayers that centres on compliance.

Henry’s Taxing Day is available from the Curtin Tax Clinic website.

Curtin Tax Clinic Heads North

In August 2019, the Curtin Tax Clinic, an initiative co-founded by Curtin Law School academics, Annette Morgan and Donovan Castelyn, ventured to the remote, regional community of Broome, Western Australia, with the intent to provide tax related assistance to those most in need.

With the support of the Broome Chamber of Commerce and Industry – who facilitated initial promotion, and provided the workspace for the visit – the regional clinic team were well placed to deliver their services to the community.

Over the course of one week, the clinic successfully assisted numerous members of the Broome community with matters ranging from simple lodgements to complex FBT, GST and indigenous corporations advice.