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Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling Course

Enabling course

Become a role model for positive change in Indigenous health. An enabling course to help Indigenous students gain entry into any health sciences course, including medicine.

Course outline
  • Qualification
    Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling Course
  • Duration


    1 year full-time
  • Credit


  • Location


    Curtin Perth
Course outline
Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling Course



Are you interested in pursuing a career in medicine or health sciences? The Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling course will prepare you for entry into most health sciences courses.

This course is designed to provide a pre-entry pathway for Indigenous students into undergraduate courses within the Faculty of Health Sciences including medicine, and aims to give you the skills and confidence to pursue higher education in the fields of medicine and health sciences in a culturally appropriate environment.

The course will include foundation or introduction units of learning such as mathematics, academic literacy and study skills, chemistry and health sciences.

Two units, Indigenous Cultures and Health Behaviour and Foundation of Professional Health Practices, will contribute to a credit in the undergraduate course upon your successful completion.

Please refer to the handbook for additional course overview information.

What you'll learn

  • develop and demonstrate medical and scientific knowledge in an academic environment to promote self-directed and independent learning
  • critically reflect upon health issues utilizing rational and logical processes to develop innovative solutions
  • utilize technologies to locate and identify relevant information to a specific given context and make an informed judgement
  • demonstrate effective and collaboratively appropriate communication skills in a range of environments by responding clearly, sensitively, and effectively to people
  • use technology appropriately to develop research skills, access and interpret resources to connect and communicate effectively to a wider community
  • be self-motivated and take responsibility for one’s own learning to source new and relevant information to develop lifelong learning behaviour & self-evaluation processes
  • consider global and cultural issues in a health context from a variety of perspectives
  • demonstrate respect for cultural diversity with effective and culturally competent communication and care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and value their human rights in a university or community environment
  • work ethically and professionally both within a team and independently by demonstrating professional values including commitment to high quality health standards, compassion, empathy and respect for all people

Why study Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling Course

Accelerated learning

You can complete this course in just one year.

Culture support

The Centre for Aboriginal Studies provides a supportive base on campus that lends a sense of belonging and empowers you to take control of your learning.

Broad career options

This course provides a pathway for entry into Curtin’s health degrees, including medicine.

I really enjoyed the enabling course. I thought it was good, especially before jumping straight into an undergraduate degree. It gave a good experience of uni. I did find it challenging, but they have a great support system at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies and the tutors were excellent – they helped a lot.

Roberta Ramirez-Smith


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  • Curtin course code: EN-INPMHE
  • Last updated on: 12 July 2024

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