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Business Information Systems Extension

Undergraduate major

Combine business with information systems and IT, learning to analyse, implement and manage an organisation’s systems and processes.

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    Business Information Systems Extension Major (BCom)
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Course outline

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Course outline



Businesses rely on information systems to obtain, process and output information. They need professionals who can analyse and identify any issues, and propose the best systems solution.

An information systems specialist analyses, develops, tests, implements and supports an organisation’s systems and processes. Their ideas and recommendations can help achieve better outcomes through effective use of technology and information systems.

This major will help you gain employment in the business side of IT, as a business information systems professional. You’ll learn to think critically and innovatively solve business problems through analysis and technology. You’ll focus on how information technology is used to collect and process information in organisations, and gain in-depth knowledge of application design, systems implementation and management.

This major comprises the core Business Information Systems major, as well as an embedded specialisation in Business Analysis or Business Technology Development. Business Analysis bridges the gap between information technology and the organisation to deliver the best business outcome. Business Technology Development evaluates and applies information technology to fulfil the technical requirements of the organisation.

Due to the extended course structure, this major cannot be studied as part of a double major. If you wish to gain information systems knowledge and skills as part of a double major, you should instead select the Business Information Systems major.

This major sits within the Bachelor of Commerce degree. To apply for this major, you will apply for the Bachelor of Commerce.

What jobs can the Business Information Systems Extension course lead to?


  • Business analyst
  • Programmer analyst
  • Project manager
  • Systems analyst


  • Banking
  • Business and management
  • Government
  • Resources
  • Technology

What you'll learn

  • recommend and manage innovative uses of technology and data driven approaches to improve business and societal outcomes locally and globally
  • evaluate the impact of existing and emerging information and communications technologies on stakeholders, including cultural, ethical, inclusivity, privacy, security and sustainability considerations
  • engage stakeholders and access, evaluate and synthesis information from multiple sources to identify business requirements
  • apply systems theory and systems development techniques to develop information systems appropriate to a range of business organisations and to effectively cater for both a global environment and local culture
  • effectively communicate information and system requirements, policies and procedures, system designs, specifications and implementation details to a professional standard

Professional recognition

Accreditation of this course is being sought by the Australian Computer Society. Once accredited, this course will be recognised in Australia and internationally by signatories of the Seoul Accord.

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  • Curtin course code: MJXU-BUSIN
  • Last updated on: 11 April 2024

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