Campus Display

Curtin promotes access to the University’s significant Art Collection through the display of artworks in offices and public areas on our campuses.

The Curtin University Campus Display program has been running almost since the inception of the Collection itself – predating the John Curtin Gallery. Today, collections staff at the John Curtin Gallery manage the coordination of the program and the care of works before, during and after display. We pride ourselves on providing Curtin staff with the opportunity to partake in the selection of works for display, and we endeavor to provide opportunities for learning, curiosity and connection in everyday settings.

Acquisition policies in the 70s and 80s reflect the Collection’s early focus on enriching the campus through the display of artwork. Most objects were purchased or commissioned specifically for the purpose of ‘Campus Display’. Only once the John Curtin Gallery was completed in 1998 did the collection have a permanent home. However, the Campus Display Program has continued as a core component of how the collection is managed, stored and made accessible.

Today our Collections staff ensure both the longevity and accessibility of the collection by implementing strategies and controls within the Campus Display process. We monitor works and display environments closely, use standard hanging systems and clear labelling, implement resting periods in climate-controlled storage and frequently circulate artworks on display. The Campus Display Program is currently on hold whilst we transition to a new system for managing requests and enquiries. When the program resumes, we will be coordinating all Campus Display activities through the SupportU portal. This will improve accessibility to, and awareness of, the Campus Display Program. It should also decrease processing time for requests. We appreciate the patience and understanding of Staff while we make this transition.