John Curtin Gallery 12 Apr 2024 12:30pm-1:30pm

Join JCG Staff in the galleries for an end of exhibition discussion.

We invite you to join us for the 'Art and Value' yarning session at the John Curtin Gallery. During these sessions, staff members come together to discuss the exhibition programming as each period wraps up. The central theme is 'value': What value is generated by the artistic, curatorial and conceptual efforts invested in exhibitions? This discussion addresses responses to the exhibitions and the most frequently asked questions about the featured works.

For this yarn, join Kathleen Toomath (Carrolup Engagement Advisor), Ron Bradfield Jnr (Community Engagement Facilitator), Lia McKnight (Curator) and Paul Boyé (Curatorial Assistant) as they delve into Robert Fielding's Kinara munu Tjintu. This thought-provoking exhibition has been on display at the John Curtin Gallery since early February as part of the Perth Festival 2024. Together, we’ll share our personal reflections on the three captivating bodies of work: Objects of Origin, Graveyards in Between, and Miil-Milpa. We plan to explore themes of ownership, sovereignty, and extraction: how does Robert’s work challenge colonial norms of giving and taking through material interventions and unexpected arrangements rooted in history and place?

This talk will be recorded. Refreshments provided.

Robert Fielding's Kinara munu Tjintu is a Perth Festival event supported by Visual Arts Program Partner Wesfarmers Arts.
Our Engagement Program is supported by Lotterywest.

Image: Robert Fielding, Objects of Origin, Series of 4 c-type prints on dibond. Courtesy of the artist and Mimili Maku Arts. Photography by Dan McCabe @artdoc_au