The Centre

A dedicated home for the Carrolup artworks, where deeper knowledge and understanding of our past will help us walk together towards a fairer future.

Curtin University is embarking upon an ambitious project to establish a dedicated and easily accessible home that honours The Herbert Mayer Collection of Carrolup Artworks, and allows its important lessons to be widely shared with our local, national and international communities.

The Carrolup Centre for Truth-telling will be a perpetual flame to draw all Australians together to share their stories and produce knowledge – knowledge that improves our culture and our society’s capacity to organise itself around policies of inclusion.

Around this dedicated axis of Carrolup art there will be associated exhibits and evolving programs of community engagement, as well as national and international programs of research. These programs will explore the improvement of the human condition by overcoming prejudice and injustice.

The Centre will be open to everyone and our many visitors from across Australia and beyond, as well as employ virtual and other technologies to engage national and international audiences. Because the lessons of Carrolup will resonate with the experiences of many First Nations people around the world, the Centre will have an international reach.

The Carrolup Centre will be located within the John Curtin Gallery Cultural precinct on Curtin’s Perth campus. We are raising funds to create a dedicated space for the Carrolup artworks and to develop programs of engagement around them.

The cost of establishing the Centre and its programs is estimated at $15 million.

How you can help

With your support, we can create a home for The Herbert Mayer Collection of Carrolup Artworks and take an important step forward on our shared journey towards reconciliation and building a society that values and respects Indigenous culture, knowledge and heritage.