Moombaki – A cultural and digital journey

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Curtin researchers are collaborating with colleagues to strengthen Aboriginal children’s wellbeing by connecting to identity, culture, country and kin.

Moombaki Cultural Learnings is an Australian Research Council and Curtin University funded research project which aims to honour and reconnect grass roots Aboriginal knowledges to primary school education. The objective is to prioritise Aboriginal parents, carers, students and Aboriginal staff values, beliefs and ways of doing and embed it within the school system and relevant curriculum.

The research addresses better outcomes for Aboriginal children particularly those in urban centres. It is anticipated that by increasing the knowledge and self-esteem Aboriginal children have of their identity by reconnecting them to culture, country and kin, then their racial identity and self-esteem will improve and in doing so impact positively on their wellbeing and academic outcomes. Over the past two years, the research team have worked alongside local Aboriginal communities, students and staff from three primary schools situated in the City of Swan (Weeip’s boodja).

Taking leadership from the Aboriginal community and students the team co-created and co-designed the Moombaki Cultural Learnings Program, including a digital game using virtual reality software. This project will be delivered and evaluated this year.

Research team

Professor Cheryl Kickett-Tucker [Project Lead, School of Education, [Curtin University]
Professor Julianne Coffin [MU]
Professor Fiona Stanley [UWA]
Professor Donna Cross [UWA]
Professor Deborah Johnson [Michigan State University, USA]
Ms Sophie Karangaroa [Curtin University]
Mrs Charlene Carlisle [Curtin University]
Mr Trevor Martin [Curtin University]
Miss Keisha Reed [Curtin University]
Miss Taylor-Jade Gray [Curtin University]

Internal Curtin partners

Mr Jonathon Pillai [Curtin University]
Mr Joel Louie [Curtin University]

Industry partners

Koordoormitj Institute
Aboriginal Educational Teaching and Learning, Department of Education

Aboriginal School community partners

Moombaki Community and Elders Councils

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