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Business Information Systems Extension

Undergraduate major

Take a deep dive into the field of business information systems and become specialised in using technology to improve business outcomes.

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    Business Information Systems Extension Major (BCom)
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Course outline

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Course outline

What can I do with a degree in Business Information Systems Extension

An internationally recognised degree

This course is accredited by the prestigious Australian Computer Society. This gives your qualification national and international recognition and boosts your employability in the global job market.

Earn an excellent salary

ICT Business and Systems Analysts working full-time in Australia earn around 47% more than other full-time workers, with median earnings of $2350 per week before tax. (2024)

Strong job growth

Australia expects strong employment growth for ICT Business and Systems Analysts, with a projected 12.9% increase in jobs by 2026 (2024)



Businesses rely on information systems specialists for their analytical thinking and technological expertise, to provide ideas and recommendations for improving business outcomes.

In this accredited course, you’ll learn the same skills as the Business Information Systems major as well as additional expertise in either Business Analysis or Business Technology Development.

A focus on Business Analysis will give you the skills to bridge the gap between information technology and the organisation, enabling you to deliver the best business outcome. With Business Technology Development, you’ll learn to evaluate and apply information technology to fulfil the technical requirements of the organisation.

Throughout your study, you’ll have opportunities to engage with industry and build your professional network. You’ll meet industry professionals through guest lectures, workshops and panel discussions, and work on real-world projects such as case studies and simulated business scenarios. In your final year, you’ll apply your skills through an immersive practical experience, such as an internship or study tour.

As a Business Information Systems (BIS) graduate, you can expect strong employment prospects both nationally and internationally, across a vast range of industries.

Did you know?

You could apply your specialist BIS expertise to pursue a fascinating career as a Smart City Strategist or Health Informatics Specialist.

Smart City Strategists contribute to the development of sustainable, efficient and tech-driven urban environments. They apply their expertise to create innovative solutions for urban planning, transportation, energy management, and other aspects of modern city life.

Health Informatics Specialists work to improve patient health outcomes. They use their knowledge to analyse and manage health data, optimise patient care processes, and implement advanced technology solutions to streamline healthcare operations.

Study combinations

You can study this course as a single extended major under the Bachelor of Commerce or the Bachelor of Advanced Commerce (Honours).

Due to the extended course structure, we cannot offer the BIS Extension major as a double major. If you wish to gain information systems knowledge and skills as part of a double major, you will need to study the Business Information Systems major.

What jobs can the Business Information Systems Extension course lead to?


  • Application analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Enterprise architect
  • IT manager
  • Project manager specialist


  • Banking and finance
  • Energy and utilities
  • Health
  • Manufacturing and logisitcs
  • Media and entertainment
  • Non-profit or social enterprise
  • Retail and ecommerce

What you'll learn

  • recommend and manage innovative uses of technology and data driven approaches to improve business and societal outcomes locally and globally
  • evaluate the impact of existing and emerging information and communications technologies on stakeholders, including cultural, ethical, inclusivity, privacy, security and sustainability considerations
  • engage stakeholders and access, evaluate and synthesis information from multiple sources to identify business requirements
  • apply systems theory and systems development techniques to develop information systems appropriate to a range of business organisations and to effectively cater for both a global environment and local culture
  • effectively communicate information and system requirements, policies and procedures, system designs, specifications and implementation details to a professional standard

Professional recognition

This course is accredited by the Australian Computer Society. 

Credit for recognised learning (CRL)

Use your experience to get credit towards your degree

Finish your course sooner with credit for your previous study or work experience.

Fees and charges

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  • Curtin course code: MJXU-BUSIN
  • Last updated on: 18 July 2024

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