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Planning, implementing and evaluating health promotion interventions

August 12 - November 17th, 2024 [14 weeks online]

Health Promotion short course

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The Curtin University Health Promotion short courses are suitable for those already working in the health sector (roles may include, but not limited to environmental health officers, public health planning, health educators – school & community, community health roles, community development, Aboriginal Health Workers), or those wanting to move into the area and those wanting to incorporate health promotion principles into their role.

You will plan a health promotion intervention of your choice. A range of learning strategies (web links, podcasts, video clips) and learning activities are available for each module. An online networking forum will be available to communicate with other students and your course tutor.

There are 9 flexible learning modules to be completed in 12 weeks:

Please note: Participants should plan to spend approximately 3-5 hours per week on each module. There are weekly quizzes and weekly contributions to the learning activities for each module on the discussion board. The course schedule is also set by the submission of 3 workbooks due at the end of weeks 5 (after completing module 4), week 8 (after completing modules 5 and 6), and week 12 (with completion of modules 7 and 8).

Workbooks 1 and 2 are the steps in completing a project plan with the final plan due as the workbook 3 submission. At the end of the course after the final submission participants will book in a one to one call with the course tutor to have final feedback on their project plan. Your project can be based on a current or future intervention you are working or intend to work on, and you will receive feedback and guidance with that during the course.

We understand that working professionals are juggling a number of competing priorities at any one time, and therefore have designed the course to be as flexible as possible. We provide a 12-week course structure with targets set for each week, which is the ideal timeline for course progress and completion. We do acknowledge work and life challenges and work with course participants to provide flexible options for course completion, up to 15 weeks.

A certificate of completion is awarded to each participant who completes all the above tasks.

Registrations close July 14th, 2024

To express interest in the next course or if you need to be considered for a late enrolment, please contact Maria Chanmugam.

Some feedback and comments from our participants

“Well put together course, enjoyed course content, great links to materials to get you thinking”

“Learning activities were interesting, tangible (made the theoretical real), enjoyed the videos (some great existing examples), liked discussion board (seeing what everyone else is thinking).”

“Excellent support provided. Maria and Francene were amazing – interactions and emails, the opportunity for communication was always there.”

“Found it interesting (Career change possibility).”

“The course should be compulsory for all senior staff working in the community.”

Credit for recognised learning

After successful completion of the Curtin University Health Promotion short course, participants interested in further studies in health promotion at Curtin University can apply for Credit for Recognised Learning. This is subject to passing an additional piece of assessment.