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Taxation Law

Undergraduate specialisation

Gain a practical knowledge of taxation law that employers will value.

Course outline
  • Qualification
    Taxation Law Specialisation
  • Credit
Course outline

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Course outline
Taxation Law



It’s important for any business to be able to navigate the complexities of taxation law, so having knowledge in this field will enhance your employability and also provide a good foundation should you wish to operate your own business in the future. 

This specialisation comprises four taxation units that provide in-depth knowledge of taxation to complement your overall area of study. It will introduce you to taxation laws as they relate to both the domestic and international markets. 

During your study, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in field trips and national and international study tours. You may also get to work on real-life cases while participating in the Curtin Tax Clinic.

The Taxation Law specialisation differs to the Taxation major in that it allows you to get a good working knowledge of taxation while majoring in a different area.

What jobs can the Taxation Law lead to?


  • In-house tax accountant/manager
  • Tax agent
  • Taxation accountant
  • Taxation lawyer
  • Taxation officer
  • Taxation specialist
  • Treasurer


  • Accounting
  • Finance and investment
  • Government
  • Law
  • Resources and renewables

What you'll learn

  • Apply taxation knowledge to identify legislative and case law principles of taxation as they relate to individual and business taxpayers and critically analyse taxation problems and think logically, rationally, and creatively to generate solutions that consider the global taxation environment, GC1 GC2 GC4
  • Communicate professionally, and in ways that are responsible and appropriate for local, national and international taxation contexts, GC1 GC3 GC4
  • Use relevant technologies and industry information to analyse taxation problems in ways that demonstrate critical thinking and responsible judgement, GC1 GC2 GC3 GC6
  • Use relevant technologies and industry information to analyse taxation problems in ways that demonstrate critical thinking and responsible judgement, GC1 GC2 GC3 GC6
  • Demonstrate industry readiness through the development of sound practical business solutions by understanding the legal and regulatory environment and critical reflection of individual capabilities and the future of work, GC1 GC2 GC6
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  • Curtin course code: SPUC-TAXTN
  • Last updated on: 21 September 2023