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Study Japanese at Curtin


Undergraduate major

Learn to speak Japanese – a fascinating language spoken by 135 million people worldwide. Classes range from beginners to advanced.

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    Japanese Major (BA)
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Why study Japanese at Curtin?

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Japanese is a fascinating language that comprises several written systems and is spoken by 135 million people worldwide.

Japan is one of Australia’s top three trade partners and a gateway to Asian nations that are rapidly changing and rich with opportunities.

In this major you will gain a high level of literacy in Japanese and an advanced understanding of Japanese culture.

Prior study of Japanese is not required, and advanced classes are provided for students who have studied the language previously. The teaching methods that are applied to both spoken and written language use the latest technology and cultural awareness activities.

You'll graduate ready to explore career opportunities in Japan and bilingual roles in Australia and internationally.

Japanese is offered as part of the Bachelor of Arts. You can enhance your studies with a second major or choose from a range of elective units that support your career goals.

You can also study this major as part of a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce double degree.

What jobs can the Japanese Major (BA) lead to?


  • Interpreter / translator
  • Trade measurement officer
  • Hotel / motel manager
  • Tourism officer
  • Flight attendant.


  • International trade
  • Diplomacy
  • Banking and finance
  • Foreign affairs and trade
  • Mining and minerals production
  • Government / public service
  • International relations
  • International media
  • Education
  • Tourism and hospitality.

What you'll learn

  • communicate in Japanese and apply knowledge of applied linguistics and intercultural communication in a professional context
  • critically analyse issues in the context of cultural and linguistic differences
  • locate, evaluate and synthesise information from various sources using Japanese and English
  • function in both Japanese and English with an ability to communicate in an appropriate register in a range of situations and for a range of purposes
  • use technology effectively to collect information and communicate in both Japanese and English
  • take responsibility for own learning and professional development in an international context
  • evaluate and analyse issues arising in the region with in-depth knowledge of Japanese language and culture
  • interact with people from a range of cultures and backgrounds with an understanding of cultural differences
  • work independently and in teams with an intercultural understanding

I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the classes and the opportunities to study from real-life sources of Japanese in a creative way. The opportunity to go on an exchange and participate in the Kobe University Summer Program were defining parts of my study experience at Curtin.

Helen Stewart

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