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Study Geography at Curtin


Undergraduate double degree major

Analyse threats and opportunities arising from urbanisation, globalisation and climate change.

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    Geography Double Degree Major (BSc/BA)
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Geographers are social and physical scientists who continually improve our understanding of the human and physical environments in which we live.

Curtin’s Geography double degree major explores the relationships between people, places and environments.

You will examine the opportunities and threats that communities are encountering – regarding urbanisation, globalisation and climate change, for example – in local, national and international contexts.

You can explore indigenous rights, migration changes and social movements; effective systems of local, national and international governance; and learn the processes of securing food and energy supplies for those in need.

You’ll also develop essential analytical and practical fieldwork skills, such as interviewing and surveying, mapping, participant observation and statistical analysis, recording field notes and writing demographic reports.

This program also provides excellent opportunities to engage with industry – for example, with the Bureau of Meteorology, Canning River Eco Education Centre and the Southeast Regional Centre for Urban Landcare.

What jobs can the Geography Double Degree Major (BSc/BA) lead to?


  • Natural resource manager
  • Social assessment officer
  • Regional development coordinator
  • Landcare advisor
  • Environmental assessor


  • Local government
  • International development

What you'll learn

  • apply interdisciplinary concepts and methods to understanding the environmental, social and economic aspects of development; extend the boundaries of knowledge about climate change
  • think creatively to generate innovative solutions to climate change, social and environmental imperatives
  • access, evaluate and synthesise information from various disciplines and integrate it for understanding climate change and adaptation
  • communicate effectively for the development of policy solutions for sustainable development
  • use of current technologies when applied to finding information and making decisions about sustainable development
  • utilise lifelong learning skills and strategies for understanding climate change and its impact on human activities and the ecology
  • describe the global context of climate change and the need for a change to sustainable development, explore best international practices for finding solutions, apply these concepts within a regional/local environment
  • recognise the importance of cultural diversity, including indigenous perspectives, in understanding and responding to climate change, environmental and social imperatives
  • work both independently and in teams to find effective policies and ethical solutions to climate change imperatives; show leadership as a professional practitioner or collaborator
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