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Advertising and Design

Undergraduate major

Drive the development of creative advertising and capture consumers’ imagination and attention with your designs.

Course outline
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    Advertising and Design Major
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Course outline

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Course outline
Advertising and Design



Effective advertising is persuasive, targeted, clever and original. When you study this course, you’ll not only learn how to bring creative ideas to life, you’ll also learn about the business processes behind the scenes, such as planning, consumer research and managing campaigns.

You’ll hone your skills in idea generation, art direction, design, creative strategy and critical thinking, and learn to use advertising and design effectively to drive business growth and development. You’ll also have the choice to expand your knowledge and skills in either brand management or copywriting.

The course is taught through authentic learning experiences that reflect real-world industry standards and practice, helping you transition to the workforce and begin an exciting career.

We also encourage you to enter student competitions run by industry bodies such Design and Art Direction (D&AD), the Advertising Council of Australia and Perth Advertising and Design Club.

Advertising and Design is offered as part of the Bachelor of Design. You will be able to enhance your degree by selecting to study either two additional specialisations or one specialisation and four elective units to support your career goals.

What jobs can the Advertising and Design course lead to?


  • Creative director
  • Art director
  • Copywriter
  • Advertising and marketing coordinator
  • Advertising campaign manager
  • Account manager
  • Account director.


  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Media and communications
  • Publishing.

What you'll learn

  • demonstrate cognitive and technical skills in both a broad understanding and depth in advertising and design
  • use and discern between a range of technologies and media platforms in the production of advertising and design-based solutions
  • demonstrate effective visual, spoken, written and technical communication appropriate to advertising design and apply effective self-directed learning skills
  • demonstrate personal awareness of a design specific practice and sustain an engagement with contemporary practices, technologies and the creative industries
  • develop a predictive overview of future trends that will influence advertising and design practices
  • recognise the importance of social, ethical and cultural diversity and consider local and international perspectives in advertising and design activities, studio practice and production
  • apply discipline knowledge to critically review, analyse, consolidate and contribute to evidence-based practice in advertising and design
  • demonstrate how intercultural awareness and understanding impacts on personal and professional skills and on the ability to lead
  • work independently and collaboratively on advertising design projects and respond to project demands

Professional recognition

Professional membership is available with the Design Institute of Australia and Perth Advertising and Design Club.

Credit for recognised learning (CRL)

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Finish your course sooner with credit for your previous study or work experience.

Fees and charges

Please view the Bachelor of Design degree for indicative fees.

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  • Curtin course code: MJRU-ADVDS
  • Last updated on: 18 April 2024

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