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Secondary Education

Postgraduate major

Build on your existing experience and gain the skills, knowledge and experience to teach years 7 to 12 in Australian high schools in just one year.

Course outline
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    Secondary Education Major (GradDipEdu)
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Course outline

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Course outline

What can I do with a degree in Secondary Education

A meaningful career

Teaching can be immensely fulfilling. Seeing your students learn and grow, both academically and personally, can be incredibly rewarding.

Competitive salary

WA teaching salaries are among the highest in Australia. As at December 2022, the starting salary for graduates is $78,397.

High demand

There’s a high demand for qualified secondary school teachers in WA, particularly in design and technology, English, humanities and social science, and mathematics.



Curtin’s Secondary Education major within our Graduate Diploma of Education program is designed for those aspiring to teach in years 7–12 in Australian secondary schools. In this course, you’ll learn how to apply your existing knowledge and expertise to become a qualified secondary school teacher. You’ll specialise in one of six curriculum teaching areas, with your selection depending on your study background.

These teaching areas are:

  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (economics, geography, history, politics and law)
  • Mathematics
  • Science (physics, chemistry, biology, human biology, psychology, earth and environmental science)
  • The Arts (visual arts, drama, media).

You’ll also build strong skills in inclusive education, with a dedicated focus on First Nations culture and perspectives in secondary schools.

Graduates are eligible for teacher registration in Western Australia and may also apply for recognition of this registration in other Australian states and territories.

This Secondary Education major is part of the Graduate Diploma of Education – our one-year pathway into the teaching profession – and only offers a major teaching area, with no minor. If you wish to complete a minor, you can continue your studies through our accredited Master of Teaching.

This course is not suitable for qualified secondary teachers wishing to change their subject specialisation.

What jobs can the Secondary Education course lead to?

  • Secondary school teacher
  • International Baccalaureate teacher
  • Policy development officer
  • Special programs officer
  • Trainer, mentor or coach
  • Curriculum designer

What you'll learn

  • apply relevant theory and research to enhance the learning experiences and outcomes of learners from a diversity of backgrounds and of aspirations, GC1, GC2
  • apply high-level discipline knowledges and understandings to demonstrate pedagogical capabilities, including planning and delivering effective teaching and learning experiences in the technologically enhanced learning environment, with demonstrated impact for all learners, GC1, GC2, GC3
  • create and manage positive, safe and ethical learning environments that support a diversity of learners to engage in meaningful learning, GC2, GC3, GC4
  • communicate professionally with educational stakeholders, including colleagues, parents and carers, and engage collaboratively to build sustainable communities, GC3, GC4, GC6

Why study Secondary Education

Professionally recognised

This course is recognised by the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia, meaning you’ll be eligible to teach secondary education in WA.

Accelerated pathway into teaching

This one-year program offers a focused and accelerated pathway to becoming a secondary school teacher in Australia.

Top 70 in the world

Curtin is ranked in the top 70 universities in the world for the field of Education in the University Ranking by Academic Performance 2022-23.

Professional recognition

Graduates are eligible to register with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA), which enables them to teach in Western Australia only. Graduates residing in other states and territories can register with the TRBWA and then may apply for mutual recognition of this registration at their own state registration authority.

This course is not accredited as a national teaching qualification. Accredited qualifications refer to Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses that are accredited by the relevant state or territory authority. Accredited ITE courses are recognised nationally by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, enabling graduates to teach anywhere in Australia and to have their qualification recognised internationally in many countries.

Admission criteria

What you need in order to get into this course. There are different pathway options depending on your level of work and education experience.


To be eligible for entry into the Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Education Major) applicants need to have completed a Bachelor degree or its equivalent from a recognised tertiary institution with studies relevant to the teaching areas offered at Curtin. Specifically a teaching area equivalent to a total of three-quarters of a year of successful EFTSL, comprising of sequential discipline study. This equates to six units, with no more than two at first-year level and no fewer than two units at third-year level. Entry to this course will not be possible based on work experience only.


Credit for recognised learning (CRL)

Use your experience to get credit towards your degree

Finish your course sooner with credit for your previous study or work experience.

Fees and charges

Please view the Graduate Diploma in Education degree for indicative fees.

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How to apply

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  • Last updated on: 12 July 2024

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