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Need help adjusting to university?

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Just started your studies at Curtin? Or finding it challenging to settle into uni life? With a new study mindset, the culture shock of being at university and countless of opportunities available at your disposal, you’ll be experiencing a process called acculturation, which is a major part of adjusting to changes in your environment.

If you’re new to Perth, acculturation will come with cultural differences as well. Some examples are how people greet each other here, their concept of personal or emotional space or what they wear. These are only some examples and being aware of the many cultural differences can feel overwhelming.

Some tips to help make your adjustment to university a little bit easier include:

  1. Ride the wave! Understand and recognise that this period of adjustment is normal and takes time.
  2. Try to make friends in uni, because chances are that other students will have similar experiences to yours.
  3. Connect to your support networks back home. Regularly talking to your family and old friends can help you feel more stabilised.

Lunchtime Life Skills: Adjusting to university

Want to know more about adjusting to uni life? What about culture shock and self-care during your studies?

The free Adjusting to university webinar is designed to assist students in navigating the social expectations of university, and settling and adjusting successfully to university life.

You can also visit Curtin’s Counselling & Wellbeing webpage to learn more about Curtin’s free counselling services, other group programs and medical services for all students.

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