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Improve your legal research skills – Lexis Advance webinars

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To improve your skills with online legal research, Curtin Law students have the opportunity to take part in a series of webinars run by Lexis Advance this semester.

There are three levels to choose from that cover the Foundations of Research, Developing Research Efficiency and Strategic Research Skills.

There are multiple dates for each level of webinar you can choose to attend, and you may sign up for one date for each level.

Level 1: Foundations of Research

This session provides an orientation of Lexis Advance along with introductory tips for research efficiency. Learn how to make the most of the big red search box and quickly narrow down in your search results. Discover search strategies for finding cases, legislation, and encyclopaedic works and the value of each content type.

Level 2: Developing Research Efficiency

This session takes you through how to work more efficiently using Lexis Advance. The focus of the session will be on refreshing existing knowledge, improving efficiency on Lexis Advance through specific advanced search forms, a look into the impact of Boolean connectors on searching, and collaboration and automation tools.

Level 3: Strategic Research Skills

This session will take you through how you can effectively map out a search strategy before you begin your search to reduce the amount of time you spend researching.  The session will focus on a four step process which can be used for all online research and a structure which can be used to document the research undertaken.

For queries and more information, please contact your Faculty Librarians Kitty Delaney and Jaya Ralph.

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