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Velociraptors: more than six foot turkeys?

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It had long curved claws for grasping and tearing at prey, walked on two legs, and recently had an ‘awareness seminar’ held about it by students at Curtin on how to survive its attack.

What is it? Why, it’s the velociraptor dinosaur of course.

Marking International Velociraptor Awareness Day, the tongue-in-cheek event was part of a symposium series about Velociraptors.

Curtin Physics PhD student and event organiser, Andrew Princep, said the purpose of the event was to raise public awareness about the danger to society represented by velociraptors.

‘I just really want people to know that velociraptors are fast, intelligent and they can open doors,’ he said.

The seminar included a velociraptor self-defence workshop and presentations such as More than a six foot turkey: An in-depth analysis of the global velociraptorr threat.

Those attending listened eagerly as they were told velociraptors were responsible for everything from the sub-prime mortgage industry’s collapse to accelerated inflation in Zimbabwe.

Attendee Tom Gaunt said he found the seminar was an educating experience and was looking forward to more in the future.

‘I find myself much more prepared for future raptor attacks now I think,’ he said.

Andrew said the group would love to do it again next year and maybe some other related events like a zombie awareness day.

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