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The Future Of


The Future Of, Ep 19 | 34:28

David is joined by Dr Adrian North to discuss how music affects our everyday behaviours and how new technology could shape musical tastes and consumer behaviours in the future.

The Human-Robot Relationship

The Future Of, Ep 18 | 30:50

Will robots take our jobs? Hear from human-robot communication expert Dr Eleanor Sandry as she discusses the impact of robots on our future.

Your Work-Life Balance (LIVE!)

The Future Of, Ep 17 | 40:7

Careers expert Julia Richardson explains the importance and impact of work-life balance on productivity, career development and wellbeing.


The Future Of, Ep 16 | 34:49

Midwifery expert Dr Lesley Kuliukas shares surprising statistics on giving birth today and what could change in the future.

Indigenous Youth Wellbeing

The Future Of, Ep 15 | 32:2

Important changes in health and education could improve outcomes for Indigenous youth in Australia. Mental health researchers Rhonda Oliver and Michael Wright discuss what needs to be done. Please note this episode may be distressing to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Home Ownership

The Future Of, Ep 14 | 28:8

Will the great Australian dream of owning your own home still be realistic in the future? Housing experts Steven Rowley and Amity James discuss the precarious property market and the motivation to own.


The Future Of, Ep 13 | 28:42

Demand for wearable technology, sustainability and digital design is transforming fashion. Dr Anne Farren discusses the future of fashion and the technological, ethical and economic forces driving the industry.

Fighting Liver Disease

The Future Of, Ep 12 | 18:32

Chronic liver disease is affecting millions worldwide and presents major global challenges. Researchers Nina Tirnitz-Parker and John Olynyk discuss what’s being done to understand, prevent and combat liver disease and cancer.

Coral Reefs

The Future Of, Ep 11 | 22:13

Coral reefs protect coasts, provide habitat and generate billions for fishing and tourism. But today these reefs are at risk. Coral taxonomist Zoe Richards discusses the state of coral reefs and how we can best protect them.

Australian Indigenous Languages

The Future Of, Ep 10 | 15:18

How do we preserve a language? Linguistics expert Alan Dench explores Indigenous languages in Australia and the impact of preservation on reconciliation.

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