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Using music at Curtin

Curtin participates in a Tertiary Music Licence that covers use of music for a range of purposes. Use for learning and teaching purposes is outlined in our Teaching webpage. Using Music at Curtin is a quick summary of the licence scope. Read more detailed information about the licence in the Overview of the Tertiary Music Licence.

Other uses include:

  • Playing music at official University events. Events must be organised by, or on behalf of, Curtin may be held on or off-campus, and can be open to the public
  • Copying and playing music at graduation ceremonies
  • Playing background music at University premises, as long as the use is for University purposes and excludes commercial activities
  • Playing background music at University businesses, as long as the facilities are predominantly available to Curtin staff and students only and the business is not operated for profit.

Limited use of music in videos on Curtin websites and social media channels. There are very specific requirements around the type of music and how this may be communicated so read our detailed guide for more information.