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Copyright & the workplace

If operating outside of Curtin you can no longer rely on Curtin’s copyright licences or Library licenced databases for permission to copy materials.

The following tips will help you navigate copyright outside of Curtin.

Reusing material

  • Material retrieved from Library databases cannot be shared with other people within your workplace, especially not to create a library of materials for that workplace
  • Your workplace may have access to databases similar to those provided by the Library. If this is the case, you should check the licence agreements for these resources if you plan to re-use the copyright material in your own work, in case there are specific requirements and restrictions in use
  • For a non-Curtin audience you can safely re-use Creative Commons material, public domain material, material where terms of use permit your proposed re-use, and/or content copied with the permission of the copyright holder.

Creating material

  • Your employment contract or the Intellectual Property policy of your organisation will likely have terms around who owns the copyright in the work you produce with the organisation. In most cases, the work is owned by the organisation. Read these terms carefully as this may impact the future use of the work you create in the organisation.