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Seeking permission to re-use content for learning & teaching purposes

While most re-use scenarios are covered by using open access material, library licensed databases or Curtin’s Copyright licences, there may be instances where you might need to seek further permission to make a copy and communication for students.

The table below gives advice on how to seek permission for reuse for various material types and scenarios.

Type of material/reuseFurther support
Student work, e.g. using a student work as an exemplar for other studentsUse our Permission to Use Copyright Student Work template
Guest presenter at a lectureUse our Guest Presenter Permission & Release Form template
Providing learning materials to incarcerated studentsRefer to our Incarcerated students and teaching resources guide
Re-using or adapting publisher materials that are supplementary to an adopted textbook (e.g. slides, handouts, etc.)Use our Permission Request to Re-use Publisher Supplementary Materials (Commercial) template
Digitising audiovisual materials for teachingRefer to our Digitising Audiovisual Materials for Teaching guide
Making copies for people with a disabilityRefer to our webpage on the disability provisions in the Copyright Act

If there are other scenarios you need help, please with contact the Library Copyright team.