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Teaching materials for Blackboard & Canvas

Our Copyright Best Practice Guidelines (requires Curtin logon) is a good resource that covers all of your basic requirements when producing teaching materials.

Faculty branded templates for teaching materials are available that come with Curtin branding elements as well as the copyright warning notice (required whenever copying material under the statutory license). By clearly marking content as Curtin owned this makes it easier for the Copyright team to investigate potential infringement of Curtin copyright, as well as make learning and teaching materials consistent in look and feel.

If you use Blackboard to house your unit, Curtin’s Copyright Procedures require you to use Library Reading Lists to copy and communicate unit readings. The Blackboard self-audit checklist is a self-help resource to assess whether your current unit meets copyright requirements.

If you are hosting unit materials on Canvas, you are required to use openly licensed content as your unit readings. These can be links to ‘free to read’ content, copies of scholarly journal articles through an open repository rather than a paywalled publisher site, or website content where the terms of use permit educational use. Read our guide on how to find open resources for more guidance on this topic or our guide on the key issues around Copyright and Developing MOOCs.

Some staff or areas may use the optional Copyright Compliance Approval Form.  The form is designed for Curtin staff to confirm that their learning materials comply with Curtin’s copyright requirements. Unit Coordinators declare their compliance with copyright requirements, and this declaration is ‘counter signed’ by another staff member using the online form. By following this process, Unit Coordinators can be more confident that their unit has been independently verified to meet copyright requirements. Visit the Copyright Compliance Approval Form page for more details.