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Copyright compliance approval form

What is the Approval of Copyright Compliance of Unit Materials form?

The form is designed for Curtin staff to confirm that their learning materials comply with Curtin’s copyright requirements. Unit Coordinators can declare their compliance with copyright requirements, and this declaration can be ‘counter signed’ by another staff member using the online form. The process is optional.

Submitting the form

The Unit Coordinator (or Delegate) submit the form as follows:

  1. Log in to the form. The form will auto populate with your name, ID, and email address
  2. Faculty – specify the Faculty you are associated with in the staff system
  3. Unit(s) – insert the unit code and name you are responsible for as Unit Coordinator. If there are multiple units, use ‘add Unit’ to insert a new row
  4. Confirmation of compliance – using the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ radio buttons indicate whether your unit(s) are copyright compliant
  5. Issues to raise with the Compliance Officer – Library Copyright staff will monitor the submitted forms on a regular basis and be in contact if there are particular issues you want discussed
  6. Nominate an approver – look up the staff ID or staff name for a second colleague to approve your declaration of compliance
  7. Click submit

Approving the form

The Copyright Checklist provides an overview of what to look out for when reviewing a unit for copyright compliance.

The Approver as specified by the staff member submitting the form will receive an email with the subject “Approval of Copyright Compliance of Unit Materials…”. This email will have a link to view and action the form.

Approvers can approve, request an amendment, or reject the form. When requesting an amendment, there is a comments field for Approvers to let Unit Coordinators know what needs modification. Rejections are sent to Library Copyright staff who will liaise with the appropriate area to determine the nature of the compliance issue.